Cat Daddy Talks Cat Diet!

Cat Daddy Talks Cat Diet!

You have undoubtedly heard of Jackson Galaxy. Jackson has spent the past fifteen years helping people solve feline – and also human – behavior problems, so that people and their cats can live in harmony.
All of that experience getting into kitty minds finally resulted in his Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell." His show has helped people everywhere understand their cats and why they do what they do. We think what he does is terrific. Anything that helps cats stay in their homes and be happy is something we applaud. Feline Nutrition also wants cats to be happy and healthy, but we focus on diet.
Jackson is a long-standing advocate of feeding cats bio-appropriate diets. He often recommends eliminating free-feeding and dry foods from a cat's regimen on his show. Jackson recently invited Margaret Gates, founder of Feline Nutrition, to come on his Internet "Cat Mojo Show" to talk about feline diet. We enjoyed the opportunity to reach the "My Cat from Hell" audience of feline-friendly folks, and introduce new people to the benefits of bio-appropriate feeding. We love getting to do our bit in the cause of kitty happiness!
Margaret and Jackson talk about how Feline Nutrition got its start from Margaret's "light bulb moment," realizing what cats, big and small, eat in nature. Many more people are discovering raw meat diets for their cats. Margaret points out that veterinarians don't receive much training in nutrition, and often end up learning about bio-appropriate diets from their clients that feed raw meat foods.
They talk about why dry foods are bad for cats – even the grain-free varieties – and the connection between diet and common diseases, such as diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease. Margaret also lists many of the positive changes people see in their cats when they switch them to raw meat diets. The video features a look at the Feline Nutrition website and how to find out more about raw meat diets.
The interview was conducted via Skype. Take a look at the neat feature Jackson added to the video: the key interview questions appear on the left, and you can jump right to that part. Very cool!
Many thanks to Jackson for giving Feline Nutrition the opportunity to talk about feline diet and reach out to more people and their cats. Be sure to watch Jackson's Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell," which is now in its fifth season. Check out his "Cat Mojo Show" and "Q&A Hangouts" on his website or his YouTube channel for even more great cat content! Here's to healthy and happy kitties!
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