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There are many things that go into keeping your cat healthy and happy. Genetics and environment play a part. But, there is one thing that has a huge effect on your cat's health, and that is diet. Cats are predators that evolved to eat a diet of raw meat. It is only over the past 70 years or so that we have tried to feed cats a diet based on foods unsuitable for a strict carnivore. Grains, vegetable and plant matter and highly processed and cooked meat products. It's no wonder cats suffer from so many diet-related diseases. We're out to change that.
You are here because you want to learn more about how to keep your cat healthy. Diet is the most important change you can make in your cat's life. We hear over and over again from pet parents who have changed their cats' diet and now wish they had done it sooner. They can't imagine feeding their cats any other way. Not only do they see improvements in their cats' health, but they feel a great sense of relief knowing they control what goes into their cat. No more mystery ingredients.
Contemplating a diet change for your cat can be a bit overwhelming at first. We remember what it was like in the beginning. We were so used to leaving our cats' nutrition in the hands of others. But, leaving it to others didn't work out so well, did it? Cat nutrition is complicated, right? Well, not really. It's actually pretty easy.

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Thank You to Our Campaign Supporters!

Feline Nutrition would like to thank all of our members and friends who donated to our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Your support of our education and advocacy efforts means a lot to us and we appreciate your generous contributions.
As you may have noticed on this website, there are no ads. This is a deliberate decision on our part. We feel that for a cause such as ours – helping cats to be healthier – ads on our pages just aren't appropriate. When you are looking at a subject that is this important – your cat's wellbeing – you don't want someone trying to sell you something. We do need funds to support our work though, so the crowdfunding campaign gave us the chance to look to those whose lives we have helped, to help us in return.
Crowdfunding campaigns usually offer rewards or perks as a way to thank and acknowledge those who contribute. We had a great range of perks, from hoodies to gift certificates donated by generous raw diet suppliers who support our efforts. Many of the perks we offered included a shout out thank you on our Supporter's Page. Some contribution levels featured a picture of your fabulous feline long with the thank you. Here they are!

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Cat Daddy Talks Cat Diet!

You have undoubtedly heard of Jackson Galaxy. Jackson has spent the past fifteen years helping people solve feline – and also human – behavior problems, so that people and their cats can live in harmony.
All of that experience getting into kitty minds finally resulted in his Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell." His show has helped people everywhere understand their cats and why they do what they do. We think what he does is terrific. Anything that helps cats stay in their homes and be happy is something we applaud. Feline Nutrition also wants cats to be happy and healthy, but we focus on diet.
Jackson is a long-standing advocate of feeding cats bio-appropriate diets. He often recommends eliminating free-feeding and dry foods from a cat's regimen on his show. Jackson recently invited Margaret Gates, founder of Feline Nutrition, to come on his Internet "Cat Mojo Show" to talk about feline diet. We enjoyed the opportunity to reach the "My Cat from Hell" audience of feline-friendly folks, and introduce people to the benefits of bio-appropriate feeding. We love doing our bit in the cause of kitty happiness!

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It Started With a Caracas Cat Named Caterpillar

My name is Stefanie de Alfonzo and I live in Caracas, Venezuela. My passion for cats is very recent – 2012 - although I've always loved all animals and nature. I've always considered myself more of a "dog person." To tell you the truth, it never even crossed my mind to have cats as pets, until one day a stray cat had kittens at the warehouse I worked in.
I talked to my supervisor and asked him if we could keep two of the five kittens for rodent control at the warehouse. He approved, so I took the other three to a shelter for adoption. Little did I imagine how these two kittens, Shadow, a black cat, and Caterpillar (like the forklift brand), would change my life. Between gaining their trust and learning how cats really are - calling them indifferent is unjust - I was absolutely in love with cats. People that have cats knows exactly what I mean and people who don't…why don't you go to your closest shelter and adopt one or two so you can experience for yourself the wonders of cats. Unfortunately, in April 2013, my very beloved Caterpillar developed crystals in his urine; likely due to the dry food he was fed. I didn't realize something was wrong until it was too late. He died in the middle of the treatment. It was, and still is, very painful. I still miss him.

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Answers: Kitty That Only Wants Fish

My cat only wants to eat fish! Can I feed her a diet that is mostly fish or should I try to limit how often I feed it?
Fish contains thiaminase, an enzyme that will destroy thiamine, which is vitamin B1. Thiamine deficiency causes severe neurological symptoms and can be fatal. Cats have a high requirement for B vitamins - a continual dietary source is required to prevent deficiency. Deficiency is very rare in cats consuming their natural diet, as B vitamins are plentiful in animal tissues. A cat would have to eat fish at every meal for a long time to develop a deficiency. I recommend cats consume fish up to three times a week. Variety is the key when feeding a raw diet and I would encourage the feeding of any particular food up to three times a week but no more.
Be careful if feeding meat-only products - including fish or shellfish - that have been preserved with a sulphur-based preservative. These sulphur-based preservatives inhibit thiamine absorption. These preservatives "hold" the colour of the meat for an unnaturally long time so they stay looking good in the fridge. The preservatives can also trigger asthma in cats.¹

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Beginner's Luck: Where Do I Start?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards feeding your cat a healthier diet. Just making the decision to change what you feed your cat can be the hardest part. For many people, realizing that a cat should be fed a diet closer to what it evolved eating is a complete shift in thinking. Frankly, it's empowering to take control of what goes into your cat. It's also a bit of a relief. No more mystery ingredients. No more worrying about what "by-products" really means. You now get to skip an entire aisle at the grocery store, well, except maybe to get the kitty litter. You'll join the ever-growing cadre of cat parents who can't believe they ever fed their cats any other way.
But, now that you've made the decision, what next? A lot depends on where you, and your cats, are starting from. It will mean changing some habits, but it is worth it, not only for your own peace of mind, but also for the improvements – which are sometimes dramatic - you will see in your cats. Here are the basics of what you need to do to get started. Beginners, please take special note of the links in this article. These will take you to helpful Feline Nutrition articles or videos that will go into more detail on each subject.

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Feline Nutrition Membership Tops 4100!

Feline Nutrition is now the largest feline diet membership organization in the world, with more than 4100 members in over 70 countries. And growing all the time. We are thrilled that interest in bio-appropriate nutrition for cats has global appeal, but it also tells us something important. Bad diets for cats are everywhere. That means that the health consequences of those bad diets are everywhere, too. But, people all over the world are waking up to the realization that they can take control of their cat's diet. That it isn't hard at all.
Cats are cats. Large or small, all cats evolved to eat a diet of raw flesh. As strict carnivores, they should not be eating plant-based, high carbohydrate diets. We believe every cat, everywhere, should be fed a healthy, bio-appropriate diet.
Join Feline Nutrition today. Encourage your friends, family, co-workers and customers to join. Membership is free. Add your voice to the thousands that think it's time that cats are fed diets fit for the carnivores they are. Your membership encourages people new to the idea of raw meat diets to make that change. Join now and help cats get food that makes them thrive, not just survive.

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