Big Cat Rescue
Big Cat Rescue
 Tampa FL 33625
You can't adopt these rescues! Big Cat Rescue is one of the top sanctuaries in the US for neglected, abused or abandoned big cats. Not all of their cats are big though. They range from the four pound Sand Cat to the 700 pound Siberian tiger. They are dedicated to providing the best nutrition, a raw meat diet, and the best health care for their charges. They are also active in educating the public on exotic cat conservation and exploitation issues.
Main Address:
12802 Easy St
Tampa FL 33625
Phone: 813-920-4130

Our Rescue

The narrow mission of Big Cat Rescue is to provide the best permanent home we can for the cats in our care. We do this by building enclosures in a very natural habitat with foliage and shelter on our 45 acre site, by providing the best nutritional and medical care possible, and by having active operant conditioning and enrichment programs to provide for their physical and psychological well being.
The broader mission of the sanctuary is to reduce the number of cats that suffer the fate of abandonment and/or abuse and to encourage preservation of habitat and wildlife. We urge people to behave in a way that will support these goals by teaching people about the plight of the cats, both in the wild and in captivity. We accomplish this through educational guided tours, educational programs for young people, and by maintaining a website that we believe is the world's largest and best resource for information about exotic cats.
At Big Cat Rescue we began to look at the source of so many unwanted big cats and determined that the main reasons for big cats needing sanctuary is that they never work out as pets and that they have a very short period of profitability for their owners. They must constantly be replaced with cubs to meet the demand the public has created through their ignorance of what that means to the animals. We decided that the only way to stop the flood of displaced exotic cats would be to educate the public and especially our lawmakers about what really happens to the big cats when they aren't cute little cubs any more.
We can rescue far more cats by educating the public about the choices they make in entertainment, clothing, sporting and their choice of pets. We can insure that those who are just too stupid to understand aren't allowed to make the wrong choices by enacting more protective laws. Achieving those goals means going outside of our comfort zone. It means using every opportunity to tell people on tours, online and in our personal circle of influence about what happens to last year's cubs. It means getting involved in politics and getting everyone we know involved as well. It means doing things for the animals that aren't about what makes us feel good, but rather are about what makes a difference to the countless exotic cats who are languishing in cages around the world.