Raw Savvy Rescue

Raw Savvy Rescue


Richmond, California 94805

Located in Richmond, California, overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Bee Holistic Cat Rescue's lucky cats are all fed a healthy raw diet. Taking in abandoned, sick or injured felines who otherwise would end up in shelters, they nurse those that need help back to vibrant health. Their low-cost adoption fee includes two books, a starter kit of raw food, handouts and lots of advice and assistance. They require adopters to continue to feed a raw diet. Continued

Tampa, Florida 33625

You can't adopt these rescues! Big Cat Rescue is one of the top sanctuaries in the US for neglected, abused or abandoned big cats. Not all of their cats are big though. They range from the four pound Sand Cat to the 700 pound Siberian tiger. They are dedicated to providing the best nutrition, a raw meat diet, and the best health care for their charges. They are also active in educating the public on exotic cat conservation and exploitation issues. Continued

Sebastopol, California 95473

Offering a loving family environment, BrightHaven is dedicated to helping senior and disabled animals. BrightHaven has evolved to become a healing arts center and a unique retirement retreat for senior animals and they are committed to a program of research and education. Their wellness protocol offers the raw food diet as a fundamental part of the animal's lifestyle. They encourage adopters to continue to feed a raw diet. Continued

Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553

A foster-based, feline only rescue based in the Spotsylvania County/Fredericksburg area. Relying on a dedicated group of fosters to care for their felines until a forever home can be found. They support education on the benefits of good nutrition for cats and advocate either a quality, grain-free canned diet or a bio-appropriate raw meat diet to their adopters. They actively promote spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return for feral cat colonies. Continued

Antelope, California 95843

Crescent City Animal Rescue was founded to provide adoption and rescue services. They emphasize responsible pet ownership and they encourage adopters to be open minded about natural methods of feeding and raising animals. All cats they place leave with a natural care kit and a month's supply of raw meat diet. CCAR has professional accreditation to be able to assist law enforcement and animal control agencies with state Animal Cruelty Regulations. Continued

Williamston, Michigan 48895

Faerie Tales Cat Rescue is run by a dedicated group of women who foster neglected, abused or otherwise homeless cats, until a forever home can be found. They work hard to achieve a happily ever after for the cats they foster and have a no-kill policy. They are strong advocates of bio-appropriate diets and work to educate their adopters on the benefits of raw meats diets. They promote spaying and neutering to reduce unwanted animal populations. Continued

Herndon, Virginia 20172

With over 70 volunteers in the Washington DC area, Fancy Cats Rescue Team has found homes for more than 11,000 cats since its founding in 1997. They promote spaying and neutering and help people to understand the issues of responsible pet ownership. They hold adoption events every weekend and have an online gallery of adoptable kitties. They help promote bio-appropriate nutrition to their adopters as the healthiest choice for their new feline. Continued

Lima 32, Perú

Run by researcher, writer and veterinarian Dr Guillermo Díaz, Hermanoperro-Hermanogato is dedicated to promoting animal welfare by educating people about feline and canine health and nutrition. They support low-cost spay/neuter procedures in order to decrease the number of unwanted animals each year. They also promote adoption instead of buying a pet. They believe that education is the key to giving each animal a better quality of life. Continued

Newtown, Connecticut 06470

Kitten Associates calls itself "The New Breed of Cat Rescue." A major part of what makes them different is what they feed their fosters. No dry food, ever. No food with grains. They feed canned or raw diets to their cats and make a major effort to educate adopters on the benefits of bio-appropriate diets. Adopters must agree not to feed dry foods. Kitten Associates is run by Robin Olson, who is the blogger behind the well-known CoveredInCatHair.com website. Continued

Sebastopol, California 95473

Located in Sonoma County, TaraSun Animal Rescue Retreat believes in feeding their animals bio-appropriate diets, and they have been raw feeders since 1996. Animals in their care that do not find their forever homes are welcome to stay at the retreat for the extent of their lives. TaraSun is a 501(c)3 non-profit that focusses on animals that have been abandoned, abused, are ill or simply hungry and need respite. They are open by appointment only. Continued

Pahrump, Nevada 89048

A no-kill, cage-free sanctuary specializing in unadoptable cats, especially those who are elderly, chronically ill, are FIV+, or who have behavioral issues. They also foster orphaned kittens and find them forever homes. They offer behavioral counseling to try to keep cats in their homes and long-term low or no-cost fostering for families in transition. They are ardent proponents of bio-appropriate diets and encourage adopters to feed raw diets. Continued
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