Raw Food Retailers Northwest

Raw Food Retailers Northwest


14 Locations in Greater Seattle, Washington

All The Best Pet Care has fourteen locations in the Greater Seattle, Washington area. They began in 1985, concerned for the health and well-being of companion animals. They place a strong emphasis on the best in nutrition, offering human-grade food to transform the health of cats and dogs. They support local food banks, shelters and animal welfare organizations. Be sure to sign up for their Healthy Rewards Program. Continued

Duncan, British Columbia V9L 6C8

Buddies Natural Pet Food was founded in 2005. It is a family-run manufacturer of a wide range of raw foods, treats and supplements for cats and dogs. Their plant is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They also have three retail locations on the island. All of their products are hormone, antibiotic, grain and gluten-free. Buddies Natural Pet Food offers ground meat products, hearts, necks, bones and dehydrated treats from a variety of meats. Continued

Victoria, British Columbia V9B 5R8

Growlies takes a completely different approach to pet food. Based on their own research and experience, they took the bold step of declaring Growlies a "kibble-free" zone. That's right, they only sell grain-free freeze-dried, dehydrated, canned, cooked and raw foods, with no "walls of candy-coated cereal." They focus on healthy options to feed your pet, sourcing raw foods from the local region. They have a Growlies Points program to reward loyal customers. Continued