Raw Essentials
Raw Essentials
 Nine Locations in Auckland and Hamilton, New Zealand
Founded by veterinarian Lyn Thomson in 2007, Raw Essentials embraces the vision that feeding cats and dogs a diet as close as possible to their natural diet is the key to achieving optimum health. They have their own line of foods, including a variety of raw meats, meaty bones and meaty mixes. They have eight stores in Auckland and one in Hamilton, with veterinary clinics at the Grey Lynn and Hamilton locations.
Main Address:
401B Richmond Rd
Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021 New Zealand
Phone: 09 974 5665

Our Company

At Raw Essentials we embrace the philosophy that feeding raw food to cats and dogs is as close to their natural diet as you can get. It works wonders for their health!
Dr Lyn Thomson started Raw Essentials in 2007 with a vision to provide cats and dogs their natural diet - or as close to it as possible - without sending them out to hunt. She trained at The University of Bristol, England, graduating in 1992. Shortly after graduating from vet school Lyn was greatly influenced by reading Tom Lonsdale's book, Raw Meaty Bones. As far as Lyn is concerned, a bio-appropriate diet is essential to the health and well-being of every animal.
Raw Essentials aims to supply the healthiest, safest and most ethically-produced meat we can source. Our range includes rabbit, hare, possum, chicken, lamb, green tripe and fish. All our meat is grown and processed in New Zealand and is fully traceable from field to freezer.
Our team of experienced vets, nurses and staff provide ongoing nutritional support and advice for your dog and cat. We offer three levels of care for our customers:
  • Healthy dogs and cats with owners motivated to get them really thriving on a raw diet. We have a standard feeding guide that can be followed and our knowledgeable staff are always available to answer any questions.
  • Cats and dogs who have medical issues in the past such as allergies, skin complaints, gut upsets, colitis or diarrhea, that need a specific feeding plan and some supplementation to get them back to full functioning health.
  • Cats and dogs currently under the care of a vet, on medication, or with a history of chronic skin problems, allergies, or gastrointestinal upset, including pancreatitis. These owners and pets will need a consultation with Lyn, who will provide a detailed, guided dietary plan and supplementation.
We have helped hundreds of pets achieve a better level of health and wellbeing through recognising the importance of nutrition. Contact us and find out how we can help your cat or dog achieve vibrant, glowing health on a bio-appropriate diet.