The Happy Beast
The Happy Beast
 Lafayette, Colorado 80026
The Happy Beast is a natural pet food and supplies store for dogs and cats in Lafayette, just outside of Boulder, Colorado. They specialize in healthy raw, freeze-dried, air-dried and dehydrated food to keep your animals well and their spirits wild. They carry a wide selection. Always on the lookout for things cool, they carry locally-crafted pet supplies such as trees, beds, bowls and greeting cards. And, to help keep your dog happy, they feature a self-serve dog wash.
Main Address:
545 W. South Boulder Rd #170
Lafayette, CO 80026
Phone: 303-604-1300

Our Company

The Happy Beast is a next-generation natural pet food store where our goal is to help provide the best possible nutrition for your animals. It's not just about providing a high-quality kibble anymore; it's about introducing our customers to non-processed and whole food options. In other words, it's about reconnecting our animals with their "wild side" by providing them with an ancestral and species-appropriate diet based on meat and fresh foods.
Sound complicated? It's not. Sound expensive? It doesn't have to be. Just give us your budget and we'll develop a food plan that incorporates these highly-nutritious and palatable foods. And we'll make it fun and educational along the way.
How do we do it? We're a dedicated team of professionals that know and love what we're talking about. We spend our time researching the latest in animal nutrition and health and we're passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. In everything we do, we want to help you and your animals live healthier, happier lives.
Eat well. Play hard. Live wild.