The Total Cat Store
The Total Cat Store
 Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331
The Total Cat, an online specialty store catering to people who want to make homemade raw cat food. The store inspiration is from their cat whose health was enhanced by a raw meat diet while dealing with kidney issues. The Total Cat Store sells the full line of TCfeline premixes, an all natural premix when combined with raw meat makes a complete and balanced raw cat food. Order online or by phone. Orders are shipped the next day via USPS Priority Mail.
Main Address:
2737 Black Rock Rd
Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: 717-524-1949

Our Company

The Total Cat Store is a feline specialty store available online, promoting raw cat food diets and recipes and whole body care through a natural and holistic means to improve and support your feline's physical and emotional wellbeing for a long, healthy and happy life. Find out more about us and our mission.
Our Mission:
To inform and help feline owners understand the benefits of feeding a raw diet, how to go about making a balanced raw cat food and overcome the fears and concerns one may have on making such a change. Visit our pages for more information regarding the benefits of a raw diet.
One of the ways we help people to understand the benefits of and overcome the fear of feeding a raw diet is to share stories from others whom have had great success with a raw diet. Please share your story with us.
Our Goal and Promise:
Our goal is to help feline owners select and feed a healthy RAW diet and provide whole body care with quality products formulated just for felines. To achieve this goal we have done the research for you.
You will notice that we don't carry hundreds of items, only a select few in each category that we think are top of the line and best for our felines. This is to provide a reliable source for raw food diets and whole body care that you, the consumer, can trust. All products sold at The Total Cat Store have been through a comprehensive review. Each item is compared with other similar products available on the market and is chosen because it meets our stringent standards, is considered to be a superior quality product compared to its rival brands and it meets the needs of our feline companions. Our guidelines and standards do the research for you.
Featured Products:
TCfeline Premix is a raw food supplement that you add to your own raw boneless ground meat to make a complete and balanced raw cat food diet. TCfeline Premix is formulated to mimic the natural, staple diet of the cat, an obligated carnivore, THE MOUSE!
It is a quick and simple solution to preparing a balanced raw meal with the nutritional essentials. Just add water and meat, then mix.*
  • An affordable option to providing a raw meal
  • Multiple flavors to choose from: Beef, Chicken and Original
  • For convenience, 2 formulas come with the liver included
  • Proven and backed by a on-going study of feline nutrition since 1995 (20 years) and an on-going feeding trial since 1998 (17 years)
  • Palatable for felines
  • Veterinarian recommended and/or utilized
*Original formula requires liver to be added.
Why choose TCfeline Premix? For more information and preparation instructions, visit The Total Cat site.
Our Hope:
To encourage and inspire EVERYONE to be respectful, compassionate and appreciative to all living creatures, big and small, and to those animals in need and less fortunate. For those who have the opportunity to share their lives with a pet companion, to be a responsible pet owner. Remember, we chose them to be a part of our lives.
Helping Others and Giving Back:
Join us in our Fundraising Events "Helping People Help Animals" Campaigns. We wanted to create an easy way for our clients to give back. During our events we donate a percentage of our proceeds for products purchased to a chosen animal rescue. Each event is posted on our homepage slide show.