Natures Menu
Natures Menu
 Watton, Norfolk, United Kingdom IP25 6NG
Natures Menu has been producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods since 1981. They have a team of experts who visit their meat suppliers, select the meat cuts, make sure the products are ethically reared and where possible, they deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider. Their award winning range of complete and balanced raw meals provide a convenient and simple way to feed your pet a healthy raw diet every day.
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Natures Menu
Watton, Norfolk, UK IP25 6NG
Phone: 0800 018 3770

Our Company

Europe's leading raw pet food company. Natures Menu runs a nationwide delivery service supplying their award winning complete and balanced raw cat foods straight to your door. You can also find the foods in pet shops and veterinary centres across the UK.
Our award winning complete and balanced raw cat food is available in:
Chicken and Duck, Chicken and Rabbit and Chicken and Salmon. Each meal is created into handy sugar cube sized nuggets that can easily be counted out frozen into your cats bowl and when defrosted, handed to your cat. The meals come in easy to store 400g boxes and include extracts of yucca and cranberry to support a cats urinary and digestive system.
We believe cats are hunters not grazers. With the new complete and balanced raw cat food, feeding them raw meats, as nature intended, is easier than you think. Whilst dogs have made the headlines switching over to raw diets, feeding raw to cats has so far not been as well understood, yet our nation's cats have been catching and eating raw meals for years in our outbuildings and back gardens!
As we are sure you have read on this fantastic feline nutrition website there are many consistently reported benefits of switching cats over to the diet that nature chose for them. These include calmer behaviour, improved appetite, a reduction in ailments such as skin inflammation, digestive issues, diabetes and more solid, less smelly stools!
Cats naturally seek a diet they trust and are well known to be wary of a new food type, often being seen as fussy. We have created a handy short guide to feeding your cats on their new raw meals, ensuring a smooth transition and tips and tricks to make sure you cat enjoys his raw meals every time. The free guide is available to download from our website.
We only use in date, human grade meat from ethically assured farms, never choosing battery farmed chickens. The food is grain free, contains bone and has the correct amounts of all the essential amino acids, including of course, taurine.
Natures Menu's award winning manufacturing facilities are also Defra registered and monitored, to ensure the absolute quality of every single meal we produce. Our flexible national delivery service uses temperature controlled vehicles which ensure that the food is delivered straight from our freezer to your freezer, minimising any risk of defrosting.
Finally, our range of real meat grain free cat pouches also ensure a more natural diet for cats. The pouches are filled raw and gently steam cooked only once. This ensures they are kept as close to the raw diet as possible and offer a suitable food to use as natural step towards the raw diet and a genuinely natural option for cats who simply will not transition to raw or perhaps need pouches to use when visiting a holiday cattery.
Our company vet and nutrition advisor are always in hand to help you with queries on feeding cats a raw diet, from simple feeding guide information to advice on feeding raw to a cat with ailments.
You can call us anytime on 0800 018 3770 to order or simply chat to one of our raw advisors. We look forward to hearing from you.