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Know Better Pet Food
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Helping pets live their best lives since 2002, Know Better Pet Food provides whole food pre-mixes that create a complete homemade diet for dogs and cats. The pre-mixes are easy to use - just add raw or cooked meat and water. All are made with 100% human-grade ingredients and are grain free. All of their products are made in Canada and the USA. Shipping is available worldwide, with the exception of a few countries.
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Homemade Cat Food – Raw or Cooked
There are many benefits that come with preparing your cats food at home. Knowing exactly what your cat is consuming gives peace of mind and reassurance they're getting what they need to maintain optimal health. Our homemade cat food recipes are specific to all life stages - they are nutritionally complete and no additional supplementation is necessary when used as suggested.
Better in the Raw for Cats is a whole food pre-mix for preparing a raw meat diet for cats. No grains of any kind are used and our ingredients are not sourced from China. Many of the diseases associated with commercial cat foods can be avoided with a raw meat diet. U-Stew for Cats is a whole food pre-mix for preparing a homemade cooked cat food. Digestive enzymes and pre-biotics have been added to replace what has been lost in the cooking process. U-Stew makes it easy to balance a homemade meal for your cat. No grains of any kind are used. Just add cooked meat and water.
There is considerable debate regarding raw vs. cooked cat food. Over the past several years we have come to realize that not all cats are willing to eat a raw meat diet, and trying to switch them over is not always successful. Even though feeding a raw meat diet is always the best option for the feline, feeding a balanced homemade cooked diet can be the next best thing. The result is a formulation that enhances the cooked meat to such an extent that it replaces the nutritional deficit (caused by cooking) with sufficient supplementation. We have added digestive enzymes for stomach and intestinal health, taurine for enhancing the natural levels already found in the meat and essential fatty acids from fish.
U-Stew was developed because we believe that feeding a home prepared diet to our feline companions is the most nutritious and most palatable choice we can make.
All of our products, including dog food, are made in Canada and the USA. Shipping is fast with Canada Post & USPS. Please contact us if you have any questions: .
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