Hare Today
Hare Today
 Albion, Pennsylvania 16475
Serving the needs of raw fed pets since 1999, Hare Today offers a truly wide range of raw foods including whole prey, whole meat cuts, organs, grinds, dehydrated treats, supplements and toys.
Located in rural Pennsylvania, Hare Today began as a small rabbitry and grew to become one of the best known providers of raw meats for pets. Hare Today ships nationwide, and are known for high quality products as well as their excellent prices.
Main Address:
Hare Today Farm
Albion, Pennsylvania 16475
Phone: 1-800-640-3582

Our Company

If you're looking for the best food for your beloved pets, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for your dogs, cats, ferrets or reptiles, this is some of the best, most species-appropriate pet food components you can buy. We are licensed and inspected through the Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture, and have been in business since 1999.
We are located in northwestern Pennsylvania. Hare Today started as a small rabbitry – thus the name. Hare Today is a family run, 52 acre farm. We strive for a healthy environment for our animals without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We believe that a healthy animal raised with plenty of pasture space, using rotational grazing, as well as good management techniques does not require all the "preventive measures" found in most feed lot practices. Fresh air, plenty of sunshine and room to roam is by far the best way to raise livestock. The rabbits are fed an alfalfa-based rabbit pellet and are housed in a colony setting in a modified green house. They are not caged. The goats are grass fed.
The chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck and salmon are USDA inspected, All Natural.
We deal with a State inspected processing plant that supplies us with tripe, mutton, beef and pork all passed for human consumption, excluding tripe. The animals come from local farmers. All our products are hormone and antibiotic free.
We offer ground meat/bone/organ products: rabbit, turkey, chicken, duck, quail, goose, mutton, beef, goat and pork.
Boneless ground products available are: rabbit organs, turkey thighs, chicken breasts, chicken organs, duck breasts, beef, beef organs, pancreas and gullet.
Whole meat cuts and organs are available for almost all meats offered and many whole prey products are available including quail, rabbit, chicken and mice.
We also offer ground salmon and whitefish, with or without bone, green tripe and a venison, bone and beef blend.
In addition to fresh meat products, we have many dehydrated pet treats available including: beef strips, bully sticks, chicken breast strips, turkey thigh strips, rabbit ears and feet, pig's ears, pork liver and ground goat and rabbit.