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PurrForm offers grain-free raw cat food in five rabbit and chicken flavours. Using only human-grade meats with bone and organ meats, PurrForm comes in pre-portioned 70g pouches for easy and convenient feeding.
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PurrForm, Simply Pure and Natural raw cat food recipes are based on the company's philosophy that a cat is an obligate carnivore and therefore should be fed on real raw meat and bone meal with no additives, preservatives or any palatant enhancements.
PurrForm, Simply Pure and Natural raw cat food recipes are grain free and are made with 100% human grade meat and are carefully selected to give your cat the meal that it deserves.
PurrForm, Simply Pure and Natural raw cat food comes in 5 healthy and delicious flavours!
  • Chicken and ground bone with heart
  • Chicken and ground bone with liver
  • Farmed Rabbit with ground bone
  • Farmed Rabbit with ground bone, liver and Kidney
  • Farmed Rabbit with ground bone and heart
All our pouches come frozen, in a 70 g portion, convenient and easy to serve. All pouches are sold in a box of 6.
We offer a friendly and top customer service at all times as we understand how frustrating it can be to not be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Many cat owners are devoted to their cats and concerned about their health and wellbeing. As an "obligate carnivore" a cat must eat meat to sustain life and remain healthy. The basic nutritional needs of cat are: proteins, taurine, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
PurrForm from the start believe that a protein diet with bone and offal is the closest diet that a cat would eat in the wild and therefore by offering different flavours the cat would get 95% of their nutritional requirements. We use only human grade-meat and don't add carcasses to make sure that our product is highly digestible. A cat eating a high protein, well-balanced diet would utilize a minimum of 85% of the food intake with very little being eliminated through the faeces.
The other factor that PurrForm took into consideration when making the flavours is the taurine requirement that a cat needs. There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding taurine. The fact is that taurine deteriorates when exposed to heat (as in cooked foods) and any deficiency could make the cat seriously ill. The greatest amount of taurine is found in raw meat and muscle meat.
With the advice of tops consultants, we have spent 2 years to bring the concept to life. Sourcing good quality ingredients and balanced recipes, PurrForm offers a high quality meal for cats with 95% of their nutritional requirements.
As we know a cat can be a fussy eater and will need a variety of food, complementary or complete, during its life. Cats should eat a variety of meat and bone food. PurrForm food has no odour and looks very appetising (to cats and humans!!)
It may take fussy eaters a while to convert to a natural raw diet, but it is worth it. Most people underestimate the vital importance of an appropriate diet in animals.
By packaging our product in individual, pre-portioned pouches we wanted to make it effortless, with no wastage, convenient and easy to serve for all cat owners.
We may not be the cheapest but in the same way that low quality food can be cheap, quality ingredients that are highly-digestible, do cost more. So, don't be tempted by deals that appear too good to be true – because they probably are. You cannot compare a fillet steak with a burger!