Feline Nutrition was founded in 2008 as an organization dedicated to educating pet parents about the benefits of raw meat diets for felines and to advocate for changing how cats are fed. We're all about providing science-backed information on diet and health, so people can make informed decisions about what to feed their feline family members.
After switching our own cats to a raw meat diet in 2008 and seeing the dramatic changes in even our young, healthy cats, we formed the Feline Nutrition Education Society to change how people thought about "cat food" At the time, information was scattered, often fragmentary and not very friendly to the beginner still trying to figure it all out. We remember how it was in the beginning when the idea was new, and quite frankly, a little scary. Putting down that first plate of raw food, silently wondering "Am I about to kill my cat?" Now, it's second nature to us, and we couldn't imagine feeding our cats any other way. Our mission is to help others learn about good feline nutrition and how easy it is to feed their cats the food they evolved to eat.
In 2011 we added the Feline Nutrition Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, to focus on education and outreach. The Society is now the membership arm of Feline Nutrition, with an ever-growing international membership base. Both organizations are collectively known as Feline Nutrition.
We have gathered information from many sources: veterinarians, researchers, seasoned raw diet experts, authors and people just like you – pet parents who want the best for their cats. We don't approach the subject of feline nutrition narrowly, like some do, and we believe there are many ways to "do it right." We want to help you find what works for you and your cats. Above all, we want to change the very definition of what cat food is in people's minds. Start from what cats evolved to eat and not from what can be made from the leftovers from human food production.
When it comes to cat food, everything you thought you knew could very well be wrong. We're here to help you make it right.
Welcome to Feline Nutrition
There are many things that go into keeping your cat healthy and happy. Genetics and environment play a part. But, there is one thing that has a huge effect on your cat's health, and that is diet. Cats are predators that evolved to eat a diet of raw meat. It is only over the past 70 years or so that we have tried to feed cats a diet based on foods unsuitable for a strict carnivore. Grains, vegetable and plant matter and highly processed and cooked meat products. It's no wonder cats suffer from so many diet-related diseases. We're changing that. Continued
The Feline Nutrition Foundation
The Feline Nutrition Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is dedicated to improving cats' lives through better nutrition. Working with our sister organization, the Feline Nutrition Education Society, we work to educate pet parents on the importance of bio-appropriate nutrition and the relationship of diet and health. Together we are known as Feline Nutrition. Over the past 70 years, the way cats are fed has changed radically. The introduction of dry kibble foods and highly processed canned foods has greatly affected the health of cats, as many of the diseases so common in cats nowadays are diet related. Continued
A Message From the Founder
Cats are cats. This may not sound like a profound statement, but if you really think about it, it's a concept that many people don't "get." We all know that cats come big and small, yet we think of our companion cats as somehow different than the big cats. If you ask someone to think of what a tiger eats, they think meat. Specifically, raw meat. Yet, if you ask them what they feed their own cats, it's likely to be dry, kibble food. Our little cats are not different when it comes to what they evolved to eat. They evolved to eat a diet of raw meat, just like their larger cousins. Continued
The Feline Nutrition Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote awareness of the issues involved in feline nutrition and health, with an emphasis on bio-appropriate, raw meat diets for cats. We will educate people on the techniques, benefits and issues involved in feeding healthy feline diets.
Provide information free to the general public on feline nutrition and health.
Provide information on feeding raw meat diets for people new to the idea.
Create awareness of feline nutrition and raw feeding through traditional and new media outreach: website, social media, video, blogs, mobile, email, viral marketing, print.
The Feline Nutrition Team
Feline Nutrition believes in presenting a variety of approaches and viewpoints for you to consider as you decide what diet is right for your cat. From science-backed articles on diet and health to compelling stories of people's individual journeys on the feline diet road, the writers, veterinarians and advocates contributing to Feline Nutrition have all traveled different paths to the same idea: we need to change how our cats are being fed. In addition to those who contribute written articles, Feline Nutrition has a diverse team of dedicated people who serve one-year renewable terms on the Feline Nutrition Advisory Board. Continued