TeleSeminar: Raw Diet Benefits for Cats

TeleSeminar: Benefits of a Raw Diet for Cats

Join Margaret as she is interviewed by Ingrid King in an online teleseminar. Ingrid is the author of the book Buckley's Story, Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher, a celebration of the connection between animals and humans. Margaret's interview, "Benefits of a Raw Diet for Cats," is the fourth in a series of teleseminars, all of which are available at Ingrid's site The Conscious Cat. Margaret discusses the dangers of dry food diets, dispelling some of the myths surrounding kibble-type foods. Next she presents the benefits of a raw diet for your cat. Margaret answers questions about the practical aspects of feeding raw diets, including easy commercially prepared and homemade foods, transitioning your cat, pathogen and parasite concerns and the relationship between diet and disease. The entire program clocks in at a bit over 44 minutes. Be sure to recommend this teleseminar to friends and associates who may be considering the switch and would like an "A to Z" on feline nutrition.
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