About a month ago I received a strange e-mail. It was addressed to "info" at the Feline Nutrition site (before it went live), so it wasn't to me personally; I think they were sending it to any sites with "feline" in the name.
It was from a company called NineSigma Inc., and it was a RFP (Request for Proposal) titled "Seeking Ingredients, Formulation, or Process Methods to Increase Palatability of Cat Food Products." They stated their client was a "manufacturer of cat food products." They then stated: "NineSigma has identified you as a party with the potential to respond to this request, or as a contact who might know of someone with expertise in this area."
I sure do have "potential to respond to this request" but they wouldn't like what I have to say! Increase palatability by feeding your cats REAL food. I know the production of coatings for dry kibble is a big business. These are formulations that are sprayed on to the final product to trick your cat into wanting to eat this completely inappropriate food. Cats wouldn't ordinarily be interested in eating something that was mostly grain.
I think it's a shame this company is going to so much trouble when the answer is so easy. Food that is palatable to cats is food that is appropriate for an obligate carnivore. Try fresh, real meats and there is no such thing as a "finicky" cat!
This e-mail was sent to Feline Nutrition before the site was up. I think they might not have sent it to us if they knew what we were all about. I wonder who they're working for?
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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