Membership and More on Animal Wise

Nutrition, Membership and More on Animal Wise Radio

Margaret was back with Mike and Beth on Animal Wise Radio this past weekend, Sunday July 18, 2010. Her interview opens the first feature segment of the program. She talks about feline nutrition fundamentals and the importance of membership in Feline Nutrition. Mike joins Feline Nutrition live on the show!
The program includes news about how the One Page Guides are being used by rescue and retailers alike to message the importance of a bio-appropriate diet. A big thank you to Beth and Mike and Animal Wise Radio for their continued promotion and support of Feline Nutrition!
Listen to Margaret's interview on the July 18, 2010 edition of Animal Wise Radio.
FelineNutrition Feed a raw meat diet to your cat and you can opt out of the ingredient guessing game!
FelineNutrition "What Dry Food Does to Your Cat's Gut" Great article at Feline Nutrition.
FelineNutrition Diabetes in cats used to be extremely rare. What changed?
FelineNutrition Raw fed kitties have options to reduce phosphorus. You don't have to feed a "prescription" diet.…





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