Go Go Go on Animal Wise Radio!

Go Go Go on Animal Wise Radio!

Margaret Gates, founder of Feline Nutrition, joins Mike Fry and Beth Nelson on a new Animal Wise Radio show which aired on Sunday, June 1, 2014. Animal Wise Radio is a weekly, two-hour live show that airs every Sunday at noon Central. Produced by Animal Ark, Minnesota's first and largest no-kill shelter, the show not only covers news from the no-kill shelter movement, but a range of topics on animal care, wildlife and environmental issues. Animal Wise Radio streams live 24/7, and has a podcast archive at iTunes.
Margaret talks about how Feline Nutrition was founded, the importance of proper nutrition for cats and Feline Nutrition's Indiegogo Campaign. She outlines the role of the campaign in Feline Nutrition's efforts to reach new pet parents by providing educational materials to rescues and shelters. It's a great show if you'd like to learn more about Feline Nutrition. Both Beth and Mike are strong proponents of feeding cats and dogs healthy raw meat diets and encourage new adopters to do so. We think Animal Ark - and Mike and Beth - are fabulous and we encourage Feline Nutrition members to check out the show and support their wonderful shelter.
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