Feline Nutrition Visits BlogPaws

Feline Nutrition Visits BlogPaws

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the BlogPaws pet bloggers conference. That such a conference is held just for those that blog and write about pets demonstrates how much interest there is in companion animals on the internet. Whether you want serious information or want to read a blog written from a cat's point of view, you can find it online. The conference was attended by almost 400 bloggers, writers, vets, rescue and shelter groups and pet product reps. I had a chance to talk to many cat enthusiasts and we'll be hearing from some of these great bloggers and writers later on.
Coincidentally, the Pettie Awards were announced on Friday during the conference. The 2011 Pettie awards from DogTime Media showcase the best pet blogs on the web, and some of our friends were winners. The cats swept the Petties this year, with every category except Best Dog Blog going to the cats.
Not only was BlogPaws a chance to catch up with some of Feline Nutrition's old friends, it was also an opportunity to meet many new bloggers and writers who are passionate about cats. Robin Olson, author of two articles on the Feline Nutrition site, "What Bob Dole Taught Me About Raw Food" and "Adoption: What Should We Feed Our New Kitten," was there with kittens! Robin is author of the Covered in Cat Hair blog, and she won a Pettie for Best Cat Blog. Robin runs a Raw Savvy Rescue in Connecticut called Kitten Associates and is a huge advocate of raw diets. Her adoption contract even requires adopters to feed a raw or grain-free canned diet, and forbids kibble. This is the kind of commitment to proper diet that we love to see! She took the opportunity while in Virginia to pick up a litter of rescued kittens and their mother that she was having transported from Georgia. Those little ones arrived Friday night and got a lot of attention, soon being referred to as "the BlogPaws kittens." Rescued in Georgia by Maria Sandoval, you can read about the kittens, their mom Amberly, and Maria's amazing rescue story here. I also caught up with Feline Nutrition's longtime friend Ingrid King, author of the book Buckley's Story and The Conscious Cat blog, which won a Pettie for Best Pet Blog. Ingrid, of course, made a beeline for the little tortie BlogPaw kitten. Congratulations to both of you for your Pettie wins.
Here are some of the great bloggers I had a chance to meet and talk with: Kate Benjamin of Modern Cat, winner of a Pettie for Best Blog Design, who we will be hearing more from later; Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat, Angie Bailey of CatLadyLand, winner of a Pettie for Funniest Pet Blog; Stephanie Harwin of Catsparella, winner of a Pettie for Best Social Media Integration; Sachie Kohlman of My Himalayan Cat Goma; Karen Nichols of MouseBreath; Deborah Barnes of Zee & Zoey's; Janea Kelley of Paws and Effect; Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger; Caren Gittleman of Cat Chat with Caren & Cody; Carol Mier of  Coffee Cats & Yarn; Nicky Westbrook of Mew Brew; and Rachel Shubin of Sandpiper Cat. I also met Dusty Rainbolt of Adopt A Shelter and author of Cat Wrangling Made Easy, Wendy Christensen, author of Outwitting Cats and Ann Dziemianowicz of the paper bag & string blog, and author of Careers for Your Cat.
It was exhilarating to be around so many people who care so much about cats and to see the passion that everyone puts into their work. I talked to a lot of people about cats and diet and got more than a few people to start thinking differently about what cats should be eating. I won't be the only one throwing those free sample kibble packets in the trash.
Photo courtesy of Robin Olson. Pictured left to right are: Ingrid King, Maria Sandoval, Tamar Arslanian, Margaret Gates, Kate Benjamin and the BlogPaws kittens.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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