Membership Overview

Membership Overview

 There are many ways to get involved in helping to change the way we feed cats. Joining Feline Nutrition as a member is the important first step, and it is free. Be as involved as you want or are able. We provide the tools and support.
The single easiest and most important thing you can do right now is to encourage others to join. Link to Feline Nutrition’s membership page, e-mail the link to your friends or print out the membership form and hand it out. Beginners new to raw diets or those who have been feeding raw foods for years can make Feline Nutrition their home base. The larger our membership base, the greater our impact upon traditional and new media, merchants, veterinarians and all others who need to hear the Feline Nutrition message.
Feline Nutrition Resource Center
Find the products and services you are looking for in the Resource Center listings. Categories include raw diet manufacturers, where to purchase raw diets in stores or online, raw savvy rescue organizations, raw food co-ops and where to find those sometimes elusive raw savvy veterinarians.
The Resource Center is growing all the time. If you offer raw diet related products or services, or know someone who does, contact us at
The Resource Center is new, in beta and is growing all the time. If you offer raw diet related products or services, or know someone who does, contact us at
Feline Nutrition Badges
Link to Feline Nutrition on your website, blog or social networking page.
Every link helps to increase awareness of Feline Nutrition's mission directly, and indirectly by boosting search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Badges are available in a variety of colors and sizes and include a version denoting you are a member. Custom sizes or colors are available upon request.
Feline Nutrition Videos
Post or link to a Feline Nutrition video on your website, blog or social networking page. Visual and fun, the videos are a great way to get the message across — a picture says a thousand words. We are adding new videos all the time with how-to practical information and tips for both the beginner and the experienced raw feeder. Smilin’ Stan, the Raw Fed Kitty, gets to help out and occasionally comment, too. Be sure to subscribe to the Feline Nutrition YouTube Channel.
 Messaging — How to Talk About Feline Nutrition
After you start feeding a raw diet to your cats and see the beneficial results, you will want to encourage others to do the same. Helping others to understand what is really going on can be tricky.
Be a savvy advocate. Check out the talking points on Messaging — How To Talk About Feline Nutrition. The article goes over smart ways to convey our most important message.
These talking tips help you to effectively communicate the need for change.
One Page Guides
The One Page Guides in Feline Nutrition are convenient and professionally designed communication tools to help you to change how people think about feeding cats.
Topics include "Cats Are Cats!" What Should You Be Feeding Your Cat?" "The Dangers of Dry Food," "Raw Feeding for Beginners" and "Transitioning to a Raw Diet." E-mail or print them out to help people you know understand the issues involved in feeding cats a biologically appropriate diet. They are offered in a growing number of languages, too!
Follow Feline Nutrition!
You can follow Feline Nutrition on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest!
Comment on articles, blogs, videos or topics in the news. Make suggestions for future video topics or articles. Pin articles and videos to your cat-related boards on Pinterest. Subscribe to the Feline Nutrition YouTube Channel so you won’t miss a new video. It's an easy and fast way to interact with Feline Nutrition and its members.
Have another idea for Feline Nutrition? Contact Us! Membership in Feline Nutrition itself will always be works-in-progress.
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