Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Feline Nutrition is a world-wide membership organization with thousands of members from over 80 countries. Unlike many membership groups that focus primarily on member benefits to drive paid membership, Feline Nutrition is a free membership organization whose primary purpose in membership is to create a united base that helps the organization to be taken seriously by traditional and new media; to liaise with like-minded organizations to promote bio-appropriate nutrition for cats; to bring in new activists who will promote, network, write and act as "boots on the ground" for Feline Nutrition's efforts around the world; and to assist and support the Foundation.
Not much room there for member benefits to date, beyond receiving the Feline Nutrition Update, the information bulletin of the organization.
And yet, Feline Nutrition has moved into related areas of member benefits with the help of our Strategic Partners. They have provided exposure for the Society's membership efforts via their website offers of discounts on raw food products for brand new members who join through their sites.
We have been asked by current members if they might not also be eligible for the discounts offered to these newly registering members. The answer is yes. For all members, the following member benefits are available, subject to change without notice:
Feline's Pride Gift Code for five dollars off of your next order. Request your code by clicking here, and you will receive your code via e-mail within 24 hours. One per member.
Not yet a member? Join now to add your voice to the growing number seeking to change the way people think about "cat food."
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