Join Feline Nutrition!

Join Feline Nutrition!

We invite you and everyone who cares about cats to join us in changing the way people think about the term "cat food."
Everyone who cares about cats and their health should join Feline Nutrition. Whether you are a nervous beginner looking for information and help or have been feeding a raw diet for years, we want and need your support. If you seek to network with others who understand feline nutrition or want to be more involved and advocate for change, Feline Nutrition is your home base, your community. We also encourage membership for those involved in cat-related businesses or organizations, such as enlightened retailers, raw diet and food companies, rescue/adoption groups, breeders and veterinarians who understand bio-appropriate feline nutrition.
We include all those who want to change how we feed our cats. Whether you are a proponent of ground or frankenprey, homemade or commercial, raw meaty bones or think "ditching the dry" is what you can do right now as a first step, you are welcome. Feline Nutrition is a place where you can feel you belong. The methods of feeding will vary, based upon what works for each person and their cats. We encourage tolerance for all methods and unity in our common purpose.
What We Do
Our basic mission is actually pretty simple. Get as many cats as possible onto a healthy raw meat diet. We believe every cat deserves the benefits eating a raw diet can bring. Every pet parent deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are feeding the diet your cat evolved to eat. To accomplish this mission we educate pet parents with science-backed, practical information.
Feline Nutrition provides a website second to none, with thorough and documented feline nutrition and health information, carefully cited and footnoted to the science journals and studies - the research of the scientific community. Science is a word that has been badly abused by the status quo; we intend to take it back. We show how a bio-appropriate diet impacts the lives of cats and their humans by offering compelling stories from real people in real situations. The Answers area tackles the many questions you have, from beginner to advanced.
We communicate to all who keep cats. Too many have never heard of a raw meat diet, believing dry plant-based food to be acceptable, or at least adequate. Too many find out about a raw food diet only after searching for something that will help their sick or dying cat. Feline Nutrition messages change in a way that is lean and smart, speaking in a way that people will actually listen to. No yelling, we promise.
We understand that changing how you think about something can be difficult. Realizing that everything you thought you knew could be wrong can be unsettling. We communicate in a deliberate, moderate way about the benefits of bio-appropriate diets for cats, the dangers of dry food and the ease with which one choice, a bad choice, may be replaced by another.
Where We Are Going
We have become the go-to site for feline raw diet and health information. When people go searching for information on raw diets, they find us. But, that's not enough. Our goal is to reach those pet parents who aren't looking. The ones who don't give "cat food" a second thought.
Reaching pet parents when they first get their cat is one way. We liaise with organizations that have concerns about how cats are fed, including rescue and adoption groups, enlightened shelters and breeders and other feline advocacy organizations. We provide information for new cat owners on proper feeding for their new family members and promote the health benefits of bio-appropriate feeding.
We offer great videos. The internet is full of cats and there are millions of people watching. We can take advantage of that to reach those pet parents who haven't heard of raw diets for cats. Getting the idea into people's heads is the first and hardest step. Once people start thinking about it, we are there to provide the information they need to make the change and do it right.
We are expanding our media presence. Through interviews and articles we are working to increase awareness of the benefits a natural raw meat diet can bring to cats, both in health and overall well-being.
We actively promote membership, which is free. We are already the world's largest feline raw diet organization, with thousands of members from over 80 countries. Membership matters. Just by being a member, you add your voice to the thousands who care deeply about cats and their welfare. Members are critical to changing the status quo. With a united and growing membership base, we are taken seriously by traditional and new media, and are better able to liaise with like-minded organizations to promote proper nutrition for cats. Everywhere cats can be found, we are the raw diet ambassadors to the world.
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