Feline Nutrition 18 – Kitties on the Go!

Feline Nutrition 18 – Kitties on the Go!

If you haven't checked out the Feline Nutrition site on mobile yet, you should. Our site is responsive and we've been working on tweaking the mobile version so it looks great on whatever device you use: phones, tablets or pads. Ashley Stephen Root, our communications director, has been getting into the code to get it all looking good. There are still things to fix, but we strive for perfection, so it will all be coordinated soon. More and more people use smartphones or tablets as their primary way to browse the internet, so this is important to make our message as accessible as possible. There is no special address; it's all the same. Just go to Feline-Nutrition.org on your smartphone. Check it out!
We have a couple of weeks left in our Indiegogo Campaign. We still have great perks available donated by organizations that are dedicated to helping cats eat right. Hare Today, Feline's Pride, Alnutrin, The Total Cat, Raw Essentials, The Furry Foodie and Growlies all have great products that your cat will love. Remember, you can also donate your perk. We have already had a contributor from Australia who donated her Growlies gift certificate perk to a local Canadian rescue. Neal at Growlies doubled the certificate amount to boot! Way to go!
Are you a Jackson Galaxy fan? We have a great perk available: a big assortment of JG items for you and your cat, including an autographed book and picture. Besides donating the perk box, Jackson has been promoting Feline Nutrition and the campaign, which has also helped get new members as people learn about the work we do.
As we near the end of the campaign, we want to ask all of you to think about what Feline Nutrition means to you. Have we helped you on your cat food journey? Were we instrumental in changing your thinking? If the answer is yes, then please help us in return. Every contribution matters and every contribution helps us educate pet parents on keeping their cats heathy and happy. We are making a difference. We know by the many letters we get from people whose lives we have changed. If we have changed yours, and your cat's, then please donate!
You've decided to make the switch to a healthy raw meat diet for your cats. Now what? Find out how to take those first steps to a healthier cat.
Dr Elisa Katz talks about regurgitation, vomiting, the difference between the two and what you can do about it.
Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Florida, talks to Margaret Gates, founder of Feline Nutrition, in this video interview.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
FelineNutrition Feline Nutrition Answers: Are Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes Needed? https://t.co/cquP22dLNU https://t.co/FClNeJDAri
FelineNutrition Feline Nutrition Answers: Kittens Go Through Teething, Too. Learn how to help them. https://t.co/AukY7Jw56B https://t.co/qUszM8OsTY
FelineNutrition Feline Nutrition Answers: Should I Add More Fiber or Switch My Cat to a Raw Diet? https://t.co/8jnMSUQff6 https://t.co/diT9lCcuXH
FelineNutrition Senior cats need more protein than younger cats. Dr Peterson explains cat metabolism. https://t.co/thJSE1mz77 https://t.co/VAXVnQWBkf





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