Feline Nutrition 17 - The Cat Food Road

Feline Nutrition 17 - Navigating the Cat Food Road

We want to ask all Feline Nutrition members to take a moment and think about your journey on the cat food road. Yes, we do think of the path that people take when discovering the best way to feed their feline buddies as a road. It takes time and is usually a journey of discovery. You leave old thinking behind and learn new truths along the way. In the end, you arrive at a better understanding of what your cat needs to be healthy and happy.
Helping people along that road is what we do. Remember Alistair? He was a cat living in a no-kill shelter in England. He'd had diarrhea for more than a year. Everything had been tried, nothing worked. One shelter volunteer wouldn't give up on him. Through a series of internet connections, she wound up at the Feline Nutrition site, reading Dr Lyn's IBD article. She had her light bulb moment. She realized she could save Alistair, and she did. He is now adopted and he continues to get a healthy raw meat diet.
Journeys like these make everything we do worthwhile. And this happens over and over again. People find us and their lives, and the lives of their cats, are never the same. But we want to do more than just let people find us. We want to find them. That's why we are asking for your help. Please visit our Indiegogo Campaign and do what you can. Every contribution matters. Every contribution will help us be there for cats like Alistair. All cats, everywhere, deserve to thrive on the diet they are fed, not just survive.
Many of our friends in the raw diet community have donated perks as rewards for supporting our work. So, you can get a real gift in addition to feeling good about helping cats get fed the right kind of food. We also have great t-shirts and hoodies, approved by Smilin' Stan. Help us help cats, please make a contribution today.
Be sure to check out Neal Cropper's video about Feline Nutrition. Neal runs Growlies for Pets in Victoria, British Columbia and he's a huge Feline Nutrition fan!
How do wild prey and domesticated animals compare nutritionally? There are differences and people who feed raw meat diets should be aware of them.
How much food should you feed your cat? Learn how to make your cat's meals kitty sized and help your cat maintain a proper weight.
Feline Nutrition founder Margaret Gates visits the Animal Wise Radio show. Listen to the audio segment where Margaret talks cat food, feline health and the Indiegogo Campaign.
Help us help cats by supporting our education and outreach efforts. All cats deserve the chance at healthy and happy lives by being fed the right kinds of foods.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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