Feline Nutrition 16 - The Next Level

Feline Nutrition 16 - Taking It to the Next Level

Feline Nutrition is excited to announce that we have launched our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Why? We are ready to expand our outreach and education efforts and that's going to take funding. We invite all of you to support our campaign. Donate to help cats get fed the right food. Share the campaign to help us in our efforts!
We know that when people get interested in nutrition for their cat, they find us. We're pretty well placed in Google searches and we've worked hard to be a good resource, especially for beginners. Whether people have a sick cat and are looking into nutrition to help, or whether they start to worry about the ingredients in their cat's food, they find us. But, there are still millions of cats that are fed unhealthy foods because their pet parents just don't see a problem. We want to reach those millions – before there is a problem. To do that is going to take more than just being there waiting for people to find us on their own.
Help us exceed our goal. This is a campaign to change minds. Look up campaign in the thesaurus. Movement, crusade, fight, warfare. We are fighting for hearts and minds. We are in a war against people's assumptions. Assumptions that are hurting cats.
With funding beyond our goal, we can really fight:
  • Pound the media – think click-bait press releases – until they can't wait to talk to us.
  • Challenge the status quo in more provocative and attention-getting ways - don't worry, we won't do anything illegal.
  • Get rescues and shelters that advocate raw meat diets organized and promote the heck out of them. Start a program of grants to help these organizations. They are on the front lines in this war and have been brave enough to join us in taking a stand for doing the right thing for cats.
  • Fund Feline Nutrition Foundation projects in nutritional research and analysis.
  • And, get membership in Feline Nutrition to 10,000. No, make that 100,000.
Did Feline Nutrition help you when you were a beginner? Help us be there for pet parents looking for answers. Every contribution matters, $5 and $10 donations add up and will make a big difference. Cats everywhere deserve to be fed diets that make them thrive, not just survive.
We have great perks to offer. Many of our friends have generously donated perks in support of our campaign: Hare Today, Feline's Pride, Alnutrin, The Furry Foodie and Raw Essentials in New Zealand. Jackson Galaxy donated a great gift package for a lucky contributor. We have two great designs on t-shirts and hoodies featuring Smilin' Stan. You can even get a selfie from Stan! Check it out!
Besides donating to the campaign, you can help us by promoting it and letting people know you support our efforts. Share it on Facebook, Google+ and other social media. Tweet it. You can get a badge to add to your blog or website. We want to get as much traffic as we can to make this effort a success!
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