Feline Nutrition 15 - Membership at 3000!

Feline Nutrition 15 - Membership Tops 3000!

Feline Nutrition has some great things in store for 2014. We are expanding our outreach this year with some ambitious projects to reach more pet parents. One of the things we always point out is that when people go looking for information on raw diets for cats, they find us. That's how a lot of Feline Nutrition members found out about the organization. But, we need to reach all of those cat parents who aren't looking. The people who don't really think about cat food. We don't want them to wait until their cat gets sick and they realize they should have been paying attention to their cat's diet. So, we will be ramping up our outreach efforts with nifty new printed material to educate pet parents on the benefits of raw meat diets. We'll make this material available to rescues, retailers, manufacturers and vets, with an emphasis on getting to the new cat owner. Let's get cats started off right!
Membership hits 3,000!
Feline Nutrition membership has hit another milestone, surpassing 3,000 members worldwide from over 60 countries! More and more people are looking into the connection between diet and health and realizing there is a better way to feed their feline family members. Welcome to all of our new members. You are what makes Feline Nutrition strong!
New Advisory Board Members
As we move forward, we are expanding Feline Nutrition's Advisory Board. The Advisors are critical to shaping our outreach efforts and giving us unique perspectives. That's why we have advisors from different areas of the feline world: rescue, vets, manufacturers and retail. Working together we can have a real impact on changing how people feed their cats. We are happy to introduce four new members:
Robin Olson
Robin is a seasoned cat blogger and cat rescuer. She is author of the award winning Covered in Cat Hair blog and founder of Kitten Associates, a rescue based in Connecticut. A longtime raw diet advocate, she has contributed insightful articles to the Feline Nutrition site about her experiences with her own cats and the many rescues that are in her care.
Marta Kaspar
Marta is a chemist by trade, but she is also the woman behind the Alnutrin line of raw diet supplement mixes. Alnutrin products grew out of her interest in feeding her own cats the best possible diet. Marta has authored articles for Feline Nutrition on supplements and feline diet.
Dr Elisa Katz, DVM
Elisa is a veterinarian based in Bourbonnais, Illinois. A strong advocate of bio-appropriate feeding for cats and dogs, she has authored many articles on feline health topics for Feline Nutrition and also contributed Answers on a variety of reader's questions.
Mimi Stein
Mimi works for Ayrshire Farm in Virginia and developed the recipes for their Furry Foodie line of raw pet foods. The Furry Foodie is distributed in the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland region and is also sold online. They make raw diets for cats and dogs, including organic and certified humane products.
Welcome aboard! These four new members join current Advisory Board members Dr Lyn Thomson, Neal Cropper, Dr Guillermo Díaz, Tracy Murphy and Dennis Gomas in helping Feline Nutrition craft our outreach and educational programs. Advisory Board members serve renewable, one year terms. The Advisory Board consists of a maximum of 15 members drawn from all aspects of feline care and nutrition.
We've added a great new video, "A Visit to a Raw Food Company." We take a behind-the-scenes look at how one company makes its raw pet food. It's a very simple process, not very different from what you would do when making homemade raw food, just on a larger scale. That's the point we are making, commercially made raw pet foods are nothing like highly processed, cooked canned foods. Many thanks to Mimi Stein and all of the folks at The Furry Foodie for allowing us to visit and film at their facility.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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