Feline Nutrition 14 - 20,000 Visitors!

Feline Nutrition 14 - 20,000 Plus Monthly Visitors

The new Feline Nutrition website design has launched! We are proud to announce that the site is better than ever, with a clean new look, updated graphics and better navigation. It has been a lot of work and took longer than expected, but we know the new site design will make the information we provide easier to find and more accessible. Major kudos to Ashley Stephen Root, Feline Nutrition's dedicated communications strategist, for his stellar webmaster work. There is still work ongoing at the site, such as pictures to be resized for the new layout, updates to some of the core articles and activating some final areas. We will also be showcasing some great new articles in the coming weeks. So, be sure to visit us. Send your friends to check us out, too! Visits to the website have more than doubled this past year and are up to more than 20,000 unique visits a month. That's a lot of people searching for answers.
It means we are reaching more people and even more cats with the message about bio-appropriate diets. Part of the website make-over has been the need to move to a new server able to handle the increased traffic the site gets. We constantly had to worry about the old site crashing if we got a sudden spike in visits. We now have the capacity to grow as needed. Given the trend in visits and the interest in raw diets for cats that we see happening, we predict we will need that capacity. Which we think is terrific, by the way. It just means lots more cats getting fed the right food.
The Resource Center has also gotten a major face-lift, with an entirely new interface. It's much easier to navigate and showcases each listing in a much better way. Check it out, and remember to support the organizations that support us.
The website upgrade has been all about getting the message across, especially to beginners, in the best way possible. We work hard to provide useful, well written and science-backed information. We also work hard to keep it looking good. Let's face it, when you are presenting new ideas and working to enlighten people, looks matter.
We've posted another great video at the Feline Nutrition YouTube Channel. Take a look at "Why Did My Cat's Fur Get So Silky?" for a video tour of why diet is so important for a cat's skin and fur. The previous video we posted, "The Poop Question," continues to rack up views. It is now well over 6,500 views. It just goes to show how an idea can spread. Here's to stink-free kitty poop! Be sure to check out all five videos at the Channel and subscribe so you won't miss new videos as they are added. We want to get newcomers and beginners to pay attention to our message and having a lot of subscribers to our Channel helps with that goal. So, subscribe today!
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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