Feline Nutrition 12 - Crash That Server!

Feline Nutrition 12 - Don't Crash That Server!

We're making great progress on the new website and we're excited about the new look and graphics. Here's a mock-up image to give you an idea of the new design. One of the changes is to the Feline Nutrition logo. We have replaced Kai, the tabby in our current logo, with Smilin' Stan the Raw Fed Kitty. Stan has been the official spokescat since Feline Nutrition's founding and we felt it was time she moved up to logocat status as well. We picture her with a mouse in her mouth and, of course, her signature smile. After quite a few visitors pointed out that Stanley is a calico, we thought we should confirm that, yes, Stanley is a girl, despite her name.
Along with the new updated website, we are also moving to a new server. This is out of necessity as our current server is being taxed pretty heavily by the traffic the site gets. We get over 9,000 unique visits a month and a huge number of hits. We're eager to do some press releases to get media attention for the raw feeding phenomenon. But, with our current server, doing so would likely crash the site. While getting so many visits requires we move up a level with our site hosting, it also means that many more people are looking for, and finding, info on raw diets for cats. That means we are succeeding with our messaging and we are thrilled to be helping more cats get onto better diets.
Membership Takes Off
Just since the last newsletter update we have surpassed 2000 members. Feline Nutrition, including all of Feline Nutrition's long-time members, extend a warm welcome to all new members. You've come to the right place for raw diet information and support. If you are new to raw meat diets and are just starting out, Smilin' Stan wants to congratulate your new raw fed kitties on their switch to a better diet and better health.
Smilin' Stan and the Feline Nutrition Video Projects
Stan and I have been working hard on new videos and Foundation Advisory Board member Neal Cropper has done some good stuff which is now in editing. We've already gotten practical raw diet tips from members that we will include in upcoming videos. All of us who feed raw diets find innovative and clever ways to make the process easier. Let us know what you've discovered that would help other people and we'll add it to a how-to video. Sometimes, what an experienced raw feeder does as a matter of course is exactly what a novice needs to know. Stan will appear as spokescat in many of the videos. She agreed to work for catnip toys, and then asked that I take them all to the shelter kitties. Well, all except one. Way to go Stan.
Foundation Internship
The Feline Nutrition Foundation is looking for an intern. Any members in the Northern Virginia area that know of an enthusiastic student with an interest in cats and working with a non-profit are encouraged to contact me. This is a part-time, unpaid volunteer position.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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