Feline Nutrition 10 - What's In A Mouse?

Feline Nutrition 10 - What's In A Mouse?

In our last Update, we announced that the Feline Nutrition Foundation had been granted its 501(c)3 non-profit status from the IRS. We would now like to announce the creation of the Foundation's Advisory Board. The Advisory Board helps to shape the Foundation’s projects, and provides input and feedback on the work it does. The Foundation values unique perspectives on diet and health, and gathers individuals from diverse areas of the world of feline nutrition and health care. We invited people from different areas of feline diet, including retail, manufacturers and the veterinary profession:
Dr. Lyn Thomson of Auckland, New Zealand. Lyn is a writer and veterinarian with two practices, as well as the owner of the Raw Essentials. The five retail stores specialize in raw diets and associated resources.
Dr. Guillermo Díaz of Lima, Peru. Guillermo is a veterinarian, researcher and writer. He is deeply involved with many rescue groups in Lima, promoting spay/neuter and adoption programs.
Dennis Gomas of Cheektowaga, New York. Dennis is the owner of Feline's Pride, which has been at the forefront of creating grain-free, vegetable-free raw meat diets. He is the brother of the late Shelby Gomas.
Tracy Murphy of Albion, Pennsylvania. Tracy is owner of Hare Today, a working farm and well-known source of a wide range of raw meat products. Her perspective and knowledge has been invaluable during the founding and growth of Feline Nutrition.
Neal Cropper of Victoria, British Columbia. Neal is the owner of Growlies for Pets, a store that features raw meat diets for cats and dogs. It is a "kibble-free zone." Neal is involved in social media outreach and advocacy.
The size and scope of the Foundation's Advisory Board will continue to grow as it moves forward. Video Skype and FaceTime meetings occur with regularity, and Google Plus Hang-Out Conferences are under development. Feline Nutrition is harnessing emerging technology to make it a truly global experience.
Behind the Scenes and Stepping Out
An entirely new Feline Nutrition website is under construction, rebuilding from the ground up. It incorporates many suggestions from our members. Among the many changes, the Membership area is expanding with more information on messaging and outreach, and who and where the members are. It will have easier navigation and some nifty features, while keeping our clean and elegant look. There will be a new area for Press Releases and the Foundation. The Resource Center will be greatly simplified.
Speaking of Membership, Feline Nutrition has reached over 1500 members, from an astonishing 39 different countries. The next step is to get to 2000, and you can help. Get your friends with cats to join. We'll be adding a map of where members hail from. Let's go global! Get your cat-loving pals from afar to join the raw-feeding community. Every member matters. Every voice matters.
The Foundation is networking to build relationships with, and get funding from, organizations and trade associations in the Washington DC area and beyond. The Foundation has ambitious plans, and the first order of business is to get the funding to accomplish that.
What's in a Mouse? Nutritional Analysis Project
One of the Foundation's projects is centralizing much-needed nutritional information. Feeding a balanced raw diet made from available meats is often referred to as "reverse engineering a mouse," yet there is not much information on what is actually in a mouse. Or a cat's other natural prey species, for that matter. The information that is available is scattered or unpublished. Getting baseline nutrient analyses established will fill in the gaps, and provide a way to compare what you are feeding to a cat's diet in the wild. The recommended minimums for nutrients are usually obtained by feeding trials that deprive cats of that nutrient, to see at what point problems arise. We're asking the question from a different perspective, "What nutrients do cats get for themselves, given the chance?"
Adding Ways to Get the Message Out
 When people look for information on raw diets for cats, they find us. We're always looking to maximize our outreach and expose more people to the raw feeding message. Media releases are one of Feline Nutrition's new methods to better communicate with mainstream and new media. Besides being sent to journalists, bloggers and other media outlets, you'll be getting them, too. Post them on your website, blog and Facebook or Google Plus page to help spread the raw diet message.
Follow us on Twitter! @felinenutrition is now a daily newsfeed with cat news and tidbits, from serious to timely to informative to funny. You'll find something to like, and be sure to re-tweet.
Margaret Gates has a blog site where you'll find posts about diet, health, behavior and other cat-related news and stories. In addition, she is now a Cat Health Examiner at Examiner.com. Check them out.
That's a Good Question!
We get great cat health and diet questions from members, and we've used the Answers area on the website to tackle them. If you've been wondering about something, chances are good that lots of other people have, too. Send us your questions. Let's satisfy everyone's curiosity. Curiosity may not be good for cats, as the old saying goes, but it's a great thing in people.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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