Feline Nutrition 09 - Hard Work Begins

Feline Nutrition 09 - Now the Hard Work Begins

It's official. We have received our 501(c)3 determination letter from the IRS granting the Feline Nutrition Foundation status as a non-profit public charity. We hear from many people that they have spent hours and hours online reading and searching for feline diet information, looking for the science behind it. One of the Foundation's goals is to be the definitive source for that information. It shouldn't be a struggle to find. The Foundation will be looking to expand the available information on raw diets for cats by facilitating new research, sponsoring nutritional analysis and gathering data on feline diet studies that have already been done. We welcome your input and want to hear from you. We want members to have a say in what the Foundation does and participate in our activities. The raw feeding community needs a voice in the quest for the science behind species-appropriate diets.   
In the last Update we talked about how to get other people thinking about and questioning what they are feeding their cats. As Feline Nutrition members, we have all passed that first hurdle: accepting and embracing an idea that at first may have seemed to go against everything we knew. It can seem so obvious in hindsight, but it is worth remembering how we thought about things before we each had our own epiphany, as it can guide us in how we approach the subject. No one likes to find out that they have been looking at things the wrong way their whole lives, and it's natural to be reluctant to give up one's assumptions. Helping people wrap their minds around a new idea such as this can be a lot like transitioning a cat to a raw diet. Some get it right away and never look back. Others take a little gentle but persistent convincing.
This is the reason we came up with the One Page Guides. We wanted a short, portable and inviting way to introduce people to the idea of feeding cats a more natural diet. For those of you that haven't discovered it yet, we have a new Guide, "Cats Are Cats!" It's all about making the connection between big cats and little cats, and it's a good way to get people to start thinking about what cats should be eating. Ask someone to imagine a lion's lunch, and they think of raw meat. We've all seen wildlife documentaries, so it's an easy and familiar image. Yet, ask someone to picture a housecat's lunch and they will probably think of kibble that comes in cute little shapes. Help people make the connection between big cats and little cats, and you help them realize that what's right for the tiger is right for the tabby. A raw meat diet.
As we mentioned in the last Update, we have added a new Facebook page, Feline-Nutrition.org, to make it easier for people to find us. Don't worry, RawfedKitty isn't going away. We will be mirroring our posts on both pages. We realized that new visitors didn't always find us at RawFedKitty and were looking instead for the Feline Nutrition name. We have used the RawFedKitty name for our outreach campaign since our inception, with Smilin' Stan as our spokescat. The name Feline Nutrition covers a lot of issues, as we do, but the three little words in "RawFedKitty" go right to the core of what we are about. Plus, RawFedKitty is easy to remember and quite frankly, more fun. But, we didn't want anyone to miss us. Please visit and like both pages. If you have already liked the RawFedKitty page, please also like us at Feline-Nutrition.org Facebook page. We have also added a Feline Nutrition Google+ page. One more way to keep in touch with the latest from the cat food front.
Two raw diet manufacturers that support our education and outreach efforts are once again including membership invitation cards in their shipments to customers. Look for these cards in your packages if you order from Feline's Pride or Hare Today, and pass them along to someone who hasn't joined yet. These cards emphasize the point we make in the newest One Page Guide, that cats are cats. If you, your retail store or organization would like to help spread the word, let us know, as we have a supply of the cards available. Actual size is 4" x 9" and the back is blank and printable.
Feline's Pride and Fegnion Rare-Nutrition have been encouraging membership in Feline Nutrition by offering discount codes to new members who signed up through the links on their sites. They both have now extended these discounts to current members. Please visit Member Benefits if you would like to take advantage of these offers. Many thanks to both of these companies for promoting Feline Nutrition and our educational efforts.
Having now passed 1100 members and noticing members signing up worldwide, we got curious. After checking, we discovered we have members from 38 different countries. This just shows that people everywhere are looking to help their cats to better health through diet. Sadly, it also shows that bad diets for cats are everywhere. But, we are encouraged that people are recognizing those bad diets for what they are, and are looking for something better. It's one of the reasons we are offering the One Page Guides in languages other than English. We really are out to change the world. At least, the world of feline diet.
We wish all of you a happy holiday season and a very Happy New Year.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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