Feline Nutrition 07 - Speaking in Tongues

Feline Nutrition 07 - Speaking in Tongues

While most of the members of Feline Nutrition hail from North America, we have quite a few from all over the globe. I once thought that bad diets for cats were a peculiarity of the United States, an outgrowth of our farming practices and the desire to use up all of that excess grain from human food production. But, in talking and corresponding with members from many different countries, it has become apparent that cats are being fed bad diets on a global scale. Dry kibble diets have expanded into every place possible.
But what our worldwide membership also shows us is that people everywhere are looking to feed their cats a better diet. They are seeing how beneficial raw meat diets for cats can be. They are making the connection between big cats and little cats when it comes to what kitty should be eating. In places where commercially prepared raw diets aren't available, people are making their own. They are visiting their butchers with requests for chicken hearts and rabbits. And they are spreading the word about proper feline nutrition.
Something almost everyone experiences after they start feeding their cats a raw diet is the desire to tell people all about it. You see the dramatic changes in the health of your furry friends, you have your own moment of realization that what you had been feeding before was horrible for your felines and your next impulse is to try to shout to the world. We've felt that, too. Getting other people to start thinking the right way about cat food isn't always easy though.
To help spread the word about healthy diets for cats, we created the One Page Guides. Short and to-the-point messages on a single topic, with cute cats to get people's attention. They are written with the beginner in mind to get people thinking about the issues, and pointed towards where they can find out more. Something you can give to someone to read later.
We kept thinking about all of those worldwide members. To really reach people, you need to talk to them in their own language. With the help of some of our bilingual members, who graciously offered their talents, we have translations for the first three Guides available in Dutch, Korean and Portuguese! These first three languages have prompted some new volunteers, too, so look for additional languages soon. If you have skills in a language not represented here, please contact 87ac6bb3bdb0b1886db8acb4b7bfba85bfbdacb9beb7acbfb4bab9be8bb1b0b7b4b9b078b9c0bfbdb4bfb4bab979babdb28abec0adb5b0aebf889fb0b7b7707d7b98b0707d7b98babdb0707d7b8cadbac0bf707d7b8db0aebab8b4b9b2707d7bac707d7b9fbdacb9beb7acbfbabd707d7bb1babd707d7b91b0b7b4b9b0707d7b99c0bfbdb4bfb4bab96c6d89bfbdacb9beb7acbfb4bab9be8bb1b0b7b4b9b078b9c0bfbdb4bfb4bab979babdb2877aac8979 OL6MMumcaNEjy7TxFSKrPFeRAdRJlq caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. The kitties of the world await.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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