Feline Nutrition 06 - Taming Humans

Feline Nutrition 06 - Taming Humans

Raw diet manufacturers and retailers play an important part in the effort to get cats on better diets. While many people will go to the effort to make homemade raw diets for their pets (including me!), many more just don't have the time or inclination to do so. We recognize that people lead busy lives. Having nutritionally complete raw diets that are readily available online or at local stores can make the difference between whether a cat gets fed a raw diet or not. It's that simple. Feeding a raw diet doesn't have to be hard. Or complicated. Or time-consuming. These prepared diets make it easy. Just thaw and serve.
Our sixth Feline Nutrition e-mail update went out last week announcing our newest Strategic Partner. Raw diet manufacturer Fegnion Rare-Nutrition has joined us in helping to spread the word about proper nutrition for cats. Based in New York, Fegnion makes grain and vegetable-free rabbit and chicken complete frozen meals especially for cats that are available online. Check out their cool video ad that promotes Feline Nutrition, and visit their listing in the Resource Center. We're working on some great joint projects and we'll keep you posted.
Part of the message we want to get to the general cat owning audience is that raw diets are easy. The other part is that raw meat diets are exactly what cats should be eating. That raw food is the normal diet for cats. Making the connection between big cats and little cats helps people make that perceptual leap. We're aiming to get to a world where a raw meat diet is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of cat food.
To make that point, we have a great article from Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue in Florida, "There's No Kibble Served at the Big Cat Rescue." Ever wonder what it would take to feed your feline a raw diet if she weighed 150 pounds? Or 500 pounds? And you had over 100 just like her? Carole describes the raw meat diet she feeds her big cats and the journey that got her to that diet. Carole witnessed some of the same health problems in big cats fed an improper diet that we see in our small cats, namely poor coats and lack of energy. The raw diet she feeds the big cats is similar to the diet many people feed their own cats. A supplemented raw ground product to ensure they're getting all the vitamins and minerals they need, and raw meat chunks and raw meaty bones for variety, dental health and, of course, fun.
Once again emphasizing the connection between big cats and little cats, we've added Big Cat Rescue to the Raw Savvy Rescue section in the Resource Center. You can't adopt these rescued felines, though. It isn't just little cats that end up needing rescuing and a forever home. Big Cat Rescue provides them a home that is suitable for the wild animals they are and gives them a bio-appropriate raw diet, too. Check out their listing and watch their video about Servie the Serval's rescue.
Having a cat is having a connection to the wild. We get to caress the tiger. Now we want people to think of that connection in more literal terms. Cats may act domesticated, but living with humans has changed them very little physically. Your cat is still wild in almost every way. This is especially true when it comes to what they should be eating.
As we get out the message about bio-appropriate diets for cats, membership becomes vital to our effort. Having lots of members gives weight to our advocacy efforts. Basically, we are looking to get people thinking "How can all those people be wrong? There must be something to this." Getting our message to them is important, but we're still preaching to the choir. There are millions of cats out there being fed badly, and suffering for it. Help us reach those people by getting new members for Feline Nutrition. It's free.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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