Feline Nutrition 05 - Hoop Jumping

Feline Nutrition 05 - Jumping Through Hoops

Last week, the 5th issue of Feline Nutrition went out to members with the announcement of our first two strategic partners. Raw food manufacturers Felines' Pride and Hare Today are both working with us to promote membership in Feline Nutrition and get the message out about righting the wrongs of what cats are fed. Both have sponsored the printing of an arresting promotional invitation to join Feline Nutrition and are including them in their upcoming shipments.
If you order from either, look for it. Pass it along to a friend and encourage them to join.
These invitations are our first foray into a sponsored outreach campaign to encourage membership in Feline Nutrition. We carefully designed it for maximum visual impact and thought long and hard about our message. We went with the blunt truth: "Millions of cats eat grain-based food. And it's killing them." We think all of the time about how many tens of millions of pounds of kibble is fed to millions of unsuspecting cats every day, all over the world. Most people think nothing of it. And that's the problem. Cat food isn't worth a second thought. We're here to get people to give cat food a good, long look. Once they really look at what's going on, the problem becomes blindingly obvious.
We feel passionately about this. Do you? Do cringe like we do when you see all of that bad food for sale, knowing people are really buying it and taking it home as their cat's next meal? Want to help change how cats are fed? As we expand our advocacy efforts, we require more voices. We have a number of unpaid, part-time positions open for people serious about cats and their health. People who will make the same commitment to these efforts that they make to their regular jobs, but on a part-time basis. Here they are:
Social Networking Gurus – Promote Feline Nutrition on Facebook and Twitter by posting links to Feline Nutrition's website. You're spending time there anyway. Why not spend a little of that time for a good cause? Post links to articles, blogs, videos and the Resource Center. Invite people to join Feline Nutrition. Add links and comments on pet-related forums and blogs. We are looking to step up visits to the website, especially among those new to raw diets, and increase membership.
Local Heroes – Feline Nutrition requires people who can be relied upon when we need a person "on the ground" in a particular area. From scoping out what is going on in your city to talking with local suppliers to coordinating outreach with rescue groups. Distribute the One Page Guides to vets, retails stores and rescue groups to increase awareness of Feline Nutrition and its efforts to change how cats are fed.
Veterinary Science Advisers – Kitty doc? We are always looking for raw savvy veterinarians who would like to contribute to our efforts. From reviewing articles for medical accuracy, writing new medical articles or just being able to answer questions, Feline Nutrition welcomes your involvement. We also seek veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists who are interested in becoming involved in the Foundation's work on feline nutrition programs.
Legal Lions – Feline Nutrition is forming its legal team for activist litigation and defense, non-profit law, legal perspectives on government regulations and business law. If you are an attorney with a love for cats, want to broaden your resume and have the qualifications, contact us at your soonest convenience to get on board.
Translators Extraordinaire – Do you refer to your feline as "el gato" or "le chat?" Feline Nutrition would like to offer its One Page Guides, articles and other material in languages other than English. Bad diets for cats are everywhere, and we want to reach as many people as we can with our message. Spanish, French, German, Swedish or other language that you have expertise in, we are interested.
Contact me at 547938808a7d7e553a857981848c875285798a7f798a7d8c7f798c7d8b587e7d8481867d45868d8c8a818c81878646878a7f578b8d7a827d7b8c5565798a7f798a7d8c3d4a5b3d4a48613d4a486f79868c3d4a488c873d4a485f7d8c3d4a4861868e87848e7d7c393a5685798a7f798a7d8c7f798c7d8b587e7d8481867d45868d8c8a818c81878646878a7f54477956 60lj0SfH0oVU1J0hfodOB3fYn3TVM3sT caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. if you'd like to become involved in saving cats from food that's killing them.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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