Feline Nutrition 04 - The Death of a Friend

Feline Nutrition 04 - The Death of a Friend

In the December 18, 2010 issue of Feline Nutrition, the e-bulletin for members, we had the sad task of reporting the death of Shelby Gomas, founder of Feline's Pride. Shelby suffered a fatal heart attack on November 23, 2010 while at the Feline's Pride offices. He was not only a friend to us, but was also a true friend of cats everywhere. He dedicated himself to improving their lot by making a food that could help them to be healthier. In recent conversations, he told me of the countless times he rushed, usually at his own expense, raw food to people whose cats were ill. These people were often desperate to find something to help their beloved cats, and they found a savior in Shelby. He had been through that emotional turmoil himself with his own cats.
He worked tirelessly, often seven days a week, on making Feline's Pride one of the best raw diets available. We admired his scientific approach; he was constantly testing, tweaking and improving the diets to obtain the right nutritional balance. He leaves behind his brother Dennis and thirteen beloved felines. Dennis will now step in to head the company. The staff at Feline's Pride will continue the work he started, assuring all operations continue smoothly and following the path he laid out. Shelby leaves a legacy of wholehearted commitment to proper feline nutrition and a passion for helping cats. He will be greatly missed.
One of the many things Shelby and Feline Nutrition agreed upon was that cats needed to be fed better diets right from the start. Too many cats only came to raw diets once they were sick. If they had been fed a biologically appropriate diet from the start, they might never have become ill to begin with. That's where Feline Nutrition comes in. We are advocating raw diets for cats, and increasing awareness and knowledge of the benefits of bio-appropriate nutrition. But, more basically for a lot of people, we are increasing awareness of the whole concept of raw diets. Talk to the average cat owner, and we do that all of the time, and you will likely find they have never even heard of raw diets.
That's why we are stressing membership in Feline Nutrition. Once we get to 1000 members, we'll be moving to the next phase of messaging for Feline Nutrition, which is to get the raw feeding message to the mainstream cat owning audience by all means necessary. These are the people that need to hear it. All of those people unwittingly still feeding their cats a deadly diet of carbs and junk. Don't be surprised when Feline Nutrition's relative quiescence of the past turns into a roar when we have sufficient members to get the attention we need. We have awaited this moment for two years, and we are ready to make a fuss to further our agenda.
So, tell a friend, family member or co-worker about us and help them to join Feline Nutrition. Send them a link to our membership page and encourage them to join – it's free. Or, you can send us their name and e-mail address and we'll send them a personal invitation to become a member. Remember, we don't share your information with anyone.
Along with advocating, we are moving ahead with the Feline Nutrition Foundation. Its mission is to facilitate research into feline nutrition, evaluate and test various diets and establish a certificate program leading to a certification program in feline nutrition. All of these are sorely lacking in the field of nutrition for cats. Further, the Foundation will take advantage of many opportunities provided the non-profit community for promotion of our cause. Google's ubiquitous Adwords are available free-of-charge to non-profits. And the grant application and fund-raising process will begin upon non-profit status confirmation by IRS. The Feline Nutrition Foundation has been officially incorporated and application for 501(c)(3) non-profit status confirmation is underway.
All of our work seems even more important now. I had discussed all of our plans about the Foundation with Shelby before he died. He was enthusiastic and encouraging and wanted to be a part of it. I think we had a connection, our mutual passion for righting the wrongs being done to cats. We each had gone about it in a different way, but our goals were the same. Making it better for cats. Getting something right in a world filled with so much that's gone wrong.
Margaret Gates is the founder the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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