Who should join the Society? Everyone who cares about cats. Whether you are already feeding a raw meat diet to your felines or are still learning about the benefits a healthy diet can bring, we encourage you to add your voice to the thousands of Society members from around the world.
Feline Nutrition provides a place where you can learn about feline health and diet, without ads or a sales pitch. We aren’t selling anything. Except an idea, and that is freely given. We are keenly aware that the whole idea of feeding cats a diet of raw meat can be a challenge for many. A radical idea for some. But, once you start to find out more, it begins to make sense. A whole lot of sense. And once you start feeding a bio-appropriate diet, you wonder how you could have ever fed your cats any other way.
Your membership matters. Changing how cats are fed is going to happen from the bottom up. It is going to happen because pet parents decide there is a better way. By joining the Society you help to validate the idea that everyone can take charge of what goes into their feline family member. There are millions of cats that are still fed bad diets. We want those millions of pet parents to see what we are doing, to see that it's not a fad, but rather the wave of the future. Join the Society and add your voice to the rising tide of change.

Join the Feline Nutrition Education Society!

We didn't call ourselves a society by accident. We invite you and everyone who cares about cats to join us in changing the way people think about the term "cat food."
Feline Nutrition provides a website second to none, with thorough and documented feline nutrition and health information, carefully cited and footnoted to the science journals and studies — the research of the scientific community. Science is a word that has been badly abused by the status quo; we intend to take it back. We show how a bio-appropriate diet impacts the lives of cats and their humans by offering compelling stories from real people in real situations. We established the Answers area to tackle the many questions you have, from beginner to advanced...

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Member Benefits

The Feline Nutrition Education Society is a world-wide membership organization with thousands of members from over fifty countries. Unlike many membership groups that focus primarily on member benefits to drive paid membership, Feline Nutrition is a free membership organization whose primary purpose in membership is to create a united base that helps the Society to be taken seriously by traditional and new media; to liaise with like-minded organizations to promote bio-appropriate nutrition for cats; to bring in new activists who will promote, network, write and act as "boots on the ground" for Feline Nutrition's efforts around the world; and to assist and support the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
Not much room there for member benefits to date, beyond receiving Feline Nutrition, the...

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Feline Nutrition 15 - Membership Tops 3000!

Feline Nutrition has some great things in store for 2014. We are expanding our outreach this year with some ambitious projects to reach more pet parents. One of the things we always point out is that when people go looking for information on raw diets for cats, they find us. That's how a lot of Feline Nutrition members found out about the organization. But, we need to reach all of those cat parents who aren't looking. The people who don't really think about cat food. We don't want them to wait until their cat gets sick and they realize they should have been paying attention to their cat's diet. So, we will be ramping up our outreach efforts with nifty new printed material to educate pet parents on the benefits of raw meat diets. We'll make this material available to rescues, retailers, manufacturers and vets, with an emphasis on getting to the new cat owner. Let's get cats started off...

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Feline Nutrition 14 - 20,000 Plus Monthly Visitors

The new Feline Nutrition website design has launched! We are proud to announce that the site is better than ever, with a clean new look, updated graphics and better navigation. It has been a lot of work and took longer than expected, but we know the new site design will make the information we provide easier to find and more accessible. Major kudos to Ashley Stephen Root, Feline Nutrition's dedicated communications strategist, for his stellar webmaster work. There is still work ongoing at the site, such as pictures to be resized for the new layout, updates to some of the core articles and activating some final areas. We will also be showcasing some great new articles in the coming weeks. So, be sure to visit us. Send your friends to check us out, too! Visits to the website have more than doubled this past year and are up to more than 20,000 unique visits a month. That's a lot of people...

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Feline Nutrition 13 - YouTube Channel Launch!

We're happy to announce that the first two videos are up at the Feline Nutrition YouTube Channel. First is "Unboxing" in which we show a Hare Today order being unpacked, with tips on storing and thawing. Next is "Makin' Nuggets" showing how to make nuggets out of any ground raw food. Smilin' Stan the Raw Fed Kitty gets to help out, and occasionally comment, too. The videos have a spiffy intro and are done in HD. We've also added a clickable subscribe button at the end. Both of these videos are great for beginners, but also helpful for those more experienced with raw diets.
These videos are the first of many in the works. Our aim is to make it even easier for people to choose a raw diet for their cats. Letting people know what to expect helps to give the...

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Feline Nutrition 12 - Don't Crash That Server!

We're making great progress on the new website and we're excited about the new look and graphics. Here's a mock-up image to give you an idea of the new design. One of the changes is to the Feline Nutrition logo. We have replaced Kai, the tabby in our current logo, with Smilin' Stan the Raw Fed Kitty. Stan has been the official spokescat since the Society's founding and we felt it was time she moved up to logocat status as well. We picture her with a mouse in her mouth and, of course, her signature smile. After quite a few visitors pointed out that Stanley is a calico, we thought we should confirm that, yes, Stanley is a girl, despite her name.
Along with the new updated website, we are also moving to a new server. This is out of...

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Feline Nutrition 11 - Back to Basics

As many of you have noticed, we made a color scheme change on the Feline Nutrition website. Moving from greens to tans and browns. We're giving the current site a fresh look as we continue to work behind the scenes on our completely new website, coming soon. If you haven't visited recently, come by and take a look.
The new site will feature easier navigation and new areas for the Foundation, press releases, how-to videos and an expanded Membership center. Plus, some nifty features we're really excited about. Also in the works is a Take the Tour area where visitors to the site can explore based on their particular interest. We're planning tours such as, A Beginner's Guide to Feline Diet, Feline Diet and Disease, Diabetes and Diet and Stories from the Cat Food Road...

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Feline Nutrition 10 - What's In A Mouse?

In our last Update, we announced that the Feline Nutrition Foundation had been granted its 501(c)3 non-profit status from the IRS. We would now like to announce the creation of the Foundation's Advisory Board. The Advisory Board helps to shape the Foundation’s projects, and provides input and feedback on the work it does. The Foundation values unique perspectives on diet and health, and gathers individuals from diverse areas of the world of feline nutrition and health care. We invited people from different areas of feline diet, including retail, manufacturers and the veterinary profession:
Dr. Lyn Thomson of Auckland, New Zealand. Lyn is a writer and veterinarian with two practices, as well as the owner of the Raw Essentials. The five retail stores specialize in raw...

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Feline Nutrition 09 - Now the Hard Work Begins

It's official. We have received our 501(c)3 determination letter from the IRS granting the Feline Nutrition Foundation status as a non-profit public charity. We hear from many people that they have spent hours and hours online reading and searching for feline diet information, looking for the science behind it. One of the Foundation's goals is to be the definitive source for that information. It shouldn't be a struggle to find. The Foundation will be looking to expand the available information on raw diets for cats by facilitating new research, sponsoring nutritional analysis and gathering data on feline diet studies that have already been done. We welcome your input and want to hear from you. We want Society members to have a say in what the Foundation does and participate in our activities. The raw feeding community needs a voice in the quest for the science behind species-appropriate diets...

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