Who should join Feline Nutrition? Everyone who cares about cats. Whether you are already feeding a raw meat diet to your felines or are still learning about the benefits a healthy diet can bring, we encourage you to add your voice to the thousands Feline Nutrition members from around the world.
Feline Nutrition provides a place where you can learn about feline health and diet, without ads or a sales pitch. We are keenly aware that the whole idea of feeding cats a diet of raw meat can be a challenge for many. A radical idea for some. But, once you start to find out more, it begins to make sense. A whole lot of sense. And once you start feeding a bio-appropriate diet, you wonder how you could have ever fed your cats any other way.
Your membership matters. Changing how cats are fed is going to happen from the bottom up. It is going to happen because pet parents decide there is a better way. By joining Feline Nutrition you help to validate the idea that everyone can take charge of what goes into their feline family member. There are millions of cats that are still fed bad diets. We want those millions of pet parents to see what we are doing, to see that it's not a fad, to see that it's the wave of the future. Join Feline Nutrition and add your voice to the rising tide of change.

Join Feline Nutrition!

We invite you and everyone who cares about cats to join us in changing the way people think about the term "cat food."
Everyone who cares about cats and their health should join Feline Nutrition. Whether you are a nervous beginner looking for information and help or have been feeding a raw diet for years, we want and need your support. If you seek to network with others who understand feline nutrition or want to be more involved and advocate for change, Feline Nutrition is your home base, your community. We also encourage membership for those involved in cat-related businesses or organizations, such as enlightened retailers, raw diet and food companies, rescue/adoption groups, breeders and veterinarians who understand...

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Member Benefits

Feline Nutrition is a world-wide membership organization with thousands of members from over 80 countries. Unlike many membership groups that focus primarily on member benefits to drive paid membership, Feline Nutrition is a free membership organization whose primary purpose in membership is to create a united base that helps the organization to be taken seriously by traditional and new media; to liaise with like-minded organizations to promote bio-appropriate nutrition for cats; to bring in new activists who will promote, network, write and act as "boots on the ground" for Feline Nutrition's efforts around the world; and to assist and support the Foundation.
Not much room there for member benefits to date, beyond receiving the...

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Thank You to Our Campaign Supporters!

Feline Nutrition would like to thank all of our members and friends who donated to our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Your support of our education and advocacy efforts means a lot to us and all of us appreciate your generous contributions.
As you may have noticed on this website, there are no ads. This is a deliberate decision on our part. We feel that for a cause such as ours – helping cats to be healthier – ads on our pages just aren't appropriate. When you are looking at a subject that is this important – your cat's wellbeing – you don't want someone trying to sell you something. We do need funds to support our work though, so the crowdfunding campaign gave us the chance to look to those...

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Feline Nutrition 18 – Kitties on the Go!

If you haven't checked out the Feline Nutrition site on mobile yet, you should. Our site is responsive and we've been working on tweaking the mobile version so it looks great on whatever device you use: phones, tablets or pads. Ashley Stephen Root, our communications director, has been getting into the code to get it all looking good. There are still things to fix, but we strive for perfection, so it will all be coordinated soon. More and more people use smartphones or tablets as their primary way to browse the internet, so this is important to make our message as accessible as possible. There is no special address; it's all the same. Just go to on your smartphone. Check it out!
We have a couple of weeks left in our Indiegogo Campaign. We still have great...

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Feline Nutrition 17 - Navigating the Cat Food Road

We want to ask all Feline Nutrition members to take a moment and think about your journey on the cat food road. Yes, we do think of the path that people take when discovering the best way to feed their feline buddies as a road. It takes time and is usually a journey of discovery. You leave old thinking behind and learn new truths along the way. In the end, you arrive at a better understanding of what your cat needs to be healthy and happy.
Helping people along that road is what we do. Remember Alistair? He was a cat living in a no-kill shelter in England. He'd had diarrhea for more than a year. Everything had been tried, nothing worked. One shelter volunteer wouldn't give up on him. Through a series of internet connections, she wound up at the...

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Feline Nutrition 16 - Taking It to the Next Level

Feline Nutrition is excited to announce that we have launched our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Why? We are ready to expand our outreach and education efforts and that's going to take funding. We invite all of you to support our campaign. Donate to help cats get fed the right food. Share the campaign to help us in our efforts!
We know that when people get interested in nutrition for their cat, they find us. We're pretty well placed in Google searches and we've worked hard to be a good resource, especially for beginners. Whether people have a sick cat and are looking into nutrition to help, or whether they start to worry about the ingredients in their cat's food, they find us. But, there are still millions of cats that are fed...

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Feline Nutrition 15 - Membership Tops 3000!

Feline Nutrition has some great things in store for 2014. We are expanding our outreach this year with some ambitious projects to reach more pet parents. One of the things we always point out is that when people go looking for information on raw diets for cats, they find us. That's how a lot of Feline Nutrition members found out about the organization. But, we need to reach all of those cat parents who aren't looking. The people who don't really think about cat food. We don't want them to wait until their cat gets sick and they realize they should have been paying attention to their cat's diet. So, we will be ramping up our outreach efforts with nifty new printed material to educate pet parents on the benefits of raw meat diets. We'll make this material available to rescues, retailers, manufacturers and vets, with an emphasis on getting to the new cat owner. Let's get cats started off...

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Feline Nutrition 14 - 20,000 Plus Monthly Visitors

The new Feline Nutrition website design has launched! We are proud to announce that the site is better than ever, with a clean new look, updated graphics and better navigation. It has been a lot of work and took longer than expected, but we know the new site design will make the information we provide easier to find and more accessible. Major kudos to Ashley Stephen Root, Feline Nutrition's dedicated communications strategist, for his stellar webmaster work. There is still work ongoing at the site, such as pictures to be resized for the new layout, updates to some of the core articles and activating some final areas. We will also be showcasing some great new articles in the coming weeks. So, be sure to visit us. Send your friends to check us out, too! Visits to the website have more than doubled this past year and are up to more than 20,000 unique visits a...

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Feline Nutrition 13 - YouTube Channel Launch!

We're happy to announce that the first two videos are up at the Feline Nutrition YouTube Channel. First is "Unboxing" in which we show a Hare Today order being unpacked, with tips on storing and thawing. Next is "Makin' Nuggets" showing how to make nuggets out of any ground raw food. Smilin' Stan the Raw Fed Kitty gets to help out, and occasionally comment, too. The videos have a spiffy intro and are done in HD. We've also added a clickable subscribe button at the end. Both of these videos are great for beginners, but also helpful for those more experienced with raw diets.
These videos are the first of many in the works. Our aim is to make it even easier for people to choose a raw diet for their cats. Letting people know what to...

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