Feline Nutrition was founded in 2008 as an advocacy and educational organization. Diet plays a huge role in feline health, more of a role than most people realize. We educate people on the benefits of feeding bio-appropriate, raw meat diets and why dry foods should be avoided. We are passionate about helping cats to be healthier and happier by getting their humans to really think about what they feed their feline family members.
Interest in feeding cats bio-appropriate diets has increased dramatically in the years since Feline Nutrition was founded. We have a special focus on beginners because we remember what it was like to completely change how you thought about "cat food." We also remember what it was like to see the marvelous changes in our cats.
Feline Nutrition is dedicated to changing the way cats are fed. All cats, big or little, are strict carnivores. They evolved to consume a diet of raw meat. Feline Nutrition provides a wealth of information on the connection between diet and health, practical information and tips on feeding healthy foods and stories that feature cat parents' personal experiences with nutrition issues. We've helped thousands of pet parents make informed decisions about their cat's food.
Feline Nutrition was established in 2008 as a membership and advocacy organization. Membership is free for individuals and there are currently over 4100 registered members from more than 70 countries. The Feline Nutrition Foundation was established in 2011 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on advocacy, research, nutritional analysis and education.
Feline Nutrition has become the go-to source for unbiased, science-backed information on bio-appropriate diets for cats. We have a special focus on helping those new to the idea, with beginner-friendly information and practical advice.
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Talk to Us!
If you are a journalist, reporter or blogger interested in covering the growing topic of cat nutrition, we would be happy to help you. Feline Nutrition's founder and director, Margaret Gates, is available for interview via video, audio or written email. We would be happy to talk about Feline Nutrition, the advocacy work we do, feline diets and how people can help their pets be healthier. We can also provide timely responses to pet nutrition news events.
Feline Nutrition's Media Department will assist you with stories and to facilitate interviews. We can be reached at d3f8b7ff09fcfdd4b904f800030b06d104fcfb00f8d7fdfc030005fc050c0b09000b000605fd060c05fbf80b000605c50609feb9d504fcfb00f8d7fdfc030005fc050c0b09000b000605fd060c05fbf80b000605c50609fed3c6f8d5c5 pJywgbbEZPUf5NlaIAMaSUL8aA170qHq caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. We have many examples if you would like to watch, listen to or read previous interviews.
If you would like additional perspectives, many members of the Feline Nutrition Advisory Board are available for interview or commentary. The Board includes people from a variety of backgrounds: veterinarians, raw diet manufacturers, retailers, and rescue. Please check with the media department for contact information, individual availability and preferred interview methods.
Dr Lyn Thomson, Auckland, New Zealand
Lyn is a veterinarian with in-depth experience with raw diets for both cats and dogs. She also owns the Raw Essentials stores and clinics in New Zealand, which specialize in providing quality, locally produced raw meat diets. Lyn has authored many articles for Feline Nutrition and can cover both the influence of diet on feline health and the business of selling raw meat diets for pets in New Zealand.
Dr Elisa Katz, Bourbonnais, Illinois, US
Elisa is an experienced veterinarian with many years of experience with raw diets. She owns a practice in Illinois which promotes raw meat diets for both cats and dogs. She has authored many articles for Feline Nutrition and can speak about the influence of diet on feline health.
Dr Guillermo Diáz, Lima, Peru
Guillermo is a veterinarian working in Lima who has a special interest in raw meat diets as the best way to feed cats for optimum health. He works with many rescue organizations in his city and has authored many articles for Feline Nutrition. He can comment on how diet connects to feline health, in English or Spanish.
Neal Cropper, Victoria, BC, Canada
Neal is owner of Growlies for Pets in Victoria. If you would like the perspective of a dedicated store owner, Neal is the one to talk to. He is one of a very few pet store owners who has taken a stand regarding the best foods to feed pets, as his store is a "kibble-free zone."
Mimi Stein, Upperville, Virginia, US
Mimi handles marketing for The Furry Foodie, a line of raw meat diets for cats and dogs manufactured by Ayrshire Farm in Virginia. She developed the recipes they use to make their food and can speak about raw meat diets from the manufacturer's perspective.
Dennis Gomas, Spring Hill, Florida, US
Dennis is the CEO of Feline's Pride, a raw diet manufacturer with a long history and sterling reputation for making quality foods. They run a state-of-the-art facility and test their products routinely. Dennis can talk about raw diets from the manufacturer's viewpoint.
Robin Olson, Newtown, Connecticut, US
Robin is CEO of Kitten Associates Rescue and writes the award-winning Covered in Cat Hair blog. She places a strong emphasis on proper diet – adopters must sign a contract that they will not feed kibble dry foods. She is a raw diet proponent and can talk about how she uses diet to help her fosters and rescues.
Logos and Photos Available for Media Use
Click on a thumbnail image to download a larger version. If you need additional images or different sizes, please contact us at afd493dbe5d8d9b095e0d4dcdfe7e2ade0d8d7dcd4b3d9d8dfdce1d8e1e8e7e5dce7dce2e1d9e2e8e1d7d4e7dce2e1a1e2e5da95b1e0d8d7dcd4b3d9d8dfdce1d8e1e8e7e5dce7dce2e1d9e2e8e1d7d4e7dce2e1a1e2e5daafa2d4b1 pRDznnRH8arJbzKRF9aVvOLGRk1znsuc caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. . Images should be attributed to: Feline Nutrition Foundation.
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