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Faerie Tales Cat Rescue

target United States, Michigan, Williamston 48895

Faerie Tales is run by a dedicated group of women who foster neglected, abused or otherwise homeless cats, until a forever home can be found. They work hard to achieve a happily ever after for the cats they foster and have a no-kill policy. They are strong advocates of bio-appropriate diets and work to educate their adopters on the benefits of raw meats diets. They promote spaying and neutering to reduce unwanted animal populations.

  • 1560 Epley Rd
    Williamston, MI 48895
  • 517-206-1008


Once upon a time there lived a group of loyal, sincere and trustworthy women. Their collective spirits sought to come to the aid of abandoned, unwanted, abused and lost felines. They wanted to give these beautiful, if sometimes scruffy, creatures a new beginning.
They showed the kitties love to heal their broken hearts, patience to learn to trust and healing medicine to make them well. The women knew that their quest could not stop here, for there were just too many kitties to care for all on their own. What were they to do?
They thought and thought and thought some more. Until one day, the women realized what they were meant to be! Faerie Cat Mothers who could light the way for felines to find the homes they were meant to be in. Now, the women were filled with hope once again! They all passionately agreed they could continue to offer the once forgotten kitties something their hearts had always longed for. That is, a place to call home.
Faerie Tales Cat Rescue is committed to placing felines in loving adoptive homes. Our shared vision is to help kitties and their families have their dreams come true.
And they all lived Happily Ever After…
Faerie Tales Cat Rescue is a small, dedicated group of animal lovers who are working hard to place neglected, abused, lost and otherwise homeless kitties. Our goal is to find a loving home to call their own to as many kitties as possible. We are very concerned about the ever-growing overpopulation of kitties and are diligent in our efforts to promote spaying and neutering of felines. We are an all breed rescue and work as a no-kill group. All of our fosters are located in private foster homes as we are not a shelter. Many of our volunteers and board members feed raw diets to their own animals and we promote this to our cat adopters. In addition to advocating raw diets, many of us have a holistic mind set when caring for a rescue animal or one of our own cats.
We currently have foster homes in the Lansing, Jackson, and Toledo, Ohio areas. We started in June 2005. However, all of our volunteers have years of rescue experience and countless contacts as well as a wealth of knowledge in caring for our furry four-legged companions. As with all rescues, we operate on a shoestring budget and donations are always welcome. Every penny we are able to raise is applied toward helping save one of our kitties. Any of our cats can be viewed in their respective foster home once we have an approved application on file. In addition, we hold adoption events at local pet stores. Please check out our website for our upcoming events!

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Faerie Tales Cat Rescue

Main Location: United States, Michigan, Williamston

  • Please call for an appointment.
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