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Kitten Associates calls itself "The New Breed of Cat Rescue." A major part of what makes them different is what they feed their fosters. No dry food, ever. No food with grains. They feed canned or raw diets to their cats and make a major effort to educate adopters on the benefits of bio-appropriate diets. Adopters must agree not to feed dry foods. Kitten Associates is run by Robin Olson, who is the blogger behind the well-known CoveredInCatHair.com website.

  • P.O. Box 354
    Newtown, CT 06470
  • 203-744-9228


One of the reasons why Kitten Associates is the New Breed of Cat Rescue is partially due to what we feed our foster kittens. They don't get dry food — ever. Nor do they get food that has grain in it: corn, wheat, soy, rice or oatmeal is a no-no.
All kittens in our foster program are fed a grain-free canned food diet. Because we realize not everyone can feed what we consider to be the most appropriate diet of raw meat mixed with some vitamins and minerals, we begin them on grain-free canned and will assist any adopter in making the change over to a raw diet after they bring their new kitty home.
We only adopt out cats that have been spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Shelters are overflowing with unwanted pets and millions of healthy cats are euthanized due to overcrowding issues. We will never add to that problem by allowing any of our foster cats to reproduce. Part of our three-prong Mission statement is to support legislation to require mandatory spay/neuter of cats and dogs.
The final reason why Kitten Associates is different from other rescue organizations is because we support other animal rescue groups across the country by building powerful online marketing tools for them - for no or low cost - so that they can, in turn, save more cats, and dogs, too!
If you'd like to learn more about Kitten Associates, simply visit our web site: www.kittenassociates.org or contact us via email: info@kittenassociates.org.

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Kitten Associates

Main Location: United States, Connecticut, Newtown

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