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Bee Holistic Cat Rescue

target United States, California, Richmond 94805

Located in Richmond, California, overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Bee Holistic Cat Rescue’s lucky cats are all fed a healthy raw diet. Taking in abandoned, sick or injured felines who otherwise would end up in shelters, they nurse those that need help back to vibrant health. Their low-cost adoption fee includes two books, a starter kit of raw food, handouts and lots of advice and assistance. They require adopters to continue to feed a raw diet.

  • 6073 Felix Ave
    Richmond, CA 94805
  • 510-237-1190


Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care is located in the beautiful hills of Richmond, California, overlooking the San Francisco Bay. We take in abandoned, sick and injured felines who may otherwise be taken to the pound, which usually means being put to death. We nurse those in need back to vibrant health. Our lucky cats are fed a raw food diet to ensure a healthy pet for years to come! We hope that you will spread the word, and refer folks to us who want to adopt the world’s most beautiful and healthy felines!
Bee Holistic also answers calls from the public to "TNR," trap, neuter and return feral cats to their colonies, and we will try to assist any cat, cat caretaker or concerned person in need if we can.
Our adoption fee is just $85.00, which includes Martin Goldstein's book The Nature of Animal Healing, Kymythy Schultz's book Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats, a starter kit of food and supplements, our own handout of information, and lots of ongoing advice and assistance. We also offer free boarding if you travel, and insist that if for any reason it does not work out, that you bring the cats back to Bee Holistic. We require that you feed a raw organic diet, have an outdoor space for them and a few other good things.

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Main Location: United States, California, Richmond

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