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Woldsway Foods Ltd

target United Kingdom, Lincolnshire, Spilsby PE23 5RG

Woldsway Foods, in Lincolnshire, offers both wild and farmed rabbit, beef, chicken and turkey for your pet and for human consumption. In fact, much of their rabbit is supplied to high-end restaurants and caterers. They do not sell to supermarkets. They set high standards for their suppliers for a superior product. Whole rabbit, portions, bone-in portions and minced are available. Most products available for next day delivery in the UK.

  • Ashby-by-Partney
    Lincolnshire, UK PE23 5RG
  • 0800 298 5000


Woldsway Foods offers wild and farmed rabbits, beef, chicken and turkey for both human consumption and for your animal companions. Whole rabbit, portions, bone-in portions and minced are available, including minced with bone. Ox heart, turkey breast and chicken are available in portions or minced.
Rabbits have been produced for meat for hundreds of years. The Normans introduced them in the 12th century for their meat and fur. Not 20 miles from us is the oldest "rabbit farm" on record, where wild rabbits were kept and bred for meat in enclosed warrens.
Rabbit meat has also been imported from other Countries for a long time. One of the biggest suppliers was China, although that was stopped a few years ago as a result of unwelcome illegal residues being found in their frozen rabbit meat. Quite a bit of rabbit comes into the UK from France and Belgium, mostly fresh. The problem there has been variable availability and pricing and – dare we say it – our rabbit really is better anyway! And we offer a wider range.
We believe that any animal deserves to be properly housed, properly fed and properly cared for. We lay down high standards for our Producer Suppliers and their facilities are regularly inspected. These are not just words – that's the way we work. Over the years, we have worked with a number of our Producer Suppliers in helping to develop improved housing systems that are better than anything else available and we are always trying to find still better ways.
We do NOT add ANY medication to our feed. If stock are properly housed and looked after it is not necessary. The feed we buy for our stock is the best available and, in addition, they have free access to prime quality hay. Costs are, of course, higher because of the extra space provided and higher labour costs, but I am convinced this is the right way to go in terms of animal welfare. I also believe that, because the rabbits get more exercise, the muscle – in other words the meat – is better developed and has a better texture. Also because of the quality and variety of feed they have, the meat tastes a bit better too!
A high proportion of our sales go into the high class restaurant and catering trade. We do not supply supermarkets, so any farmed rabbit you may find there is imported. As a result, our internet sales to UK Consumers are growing rapidly. We are proud to be recognised for supplying excellent quality products at sensible prices. In everything we do, we aim to do it to the best standards possible. We have always taken real pleasure in giving our customers – big or small – unbeatable service. In an age when all businesses talk about the importance of their customers, and then leave you hanging on to an uncooperative automated telephone service for ages while your blood pressure rises – we actually DO try to do our best and really value our customers. Try us!
All of our meats are top quality Human Consumption Standard Meats, sourced and processed in Lincolnshire to EU Regulations, under Food Standards Agency Veterinary supervision. Just pure meats – no additives of any sort. Supplied frozen, or fresh to special order. Most products are available for next day delivery in the UK, Tuesdays to Fridays. Sorry, we cannot currently ship outside of the United Kingdom.

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Main Location: United Kingdom, Lincolnshire, Spilsby

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