Feline's Pride
Feline's Pride
 Odessa, Florida 33556
Makers of complete frozen raw meat diets in a variety of meats. Feline's Pride does not include fillers, grains, vegetables or fruits for a truly bio-appropriate food that cats love. "Raw Made Easy" kits are also available for use with homemade raw meat diets. There is a brand new canine diet as well. They continuously check the integrity of their product for safety and nutritional completeness. They have local distributors and ship anywhere in the United States.
Main Address:
11108 Challenger Ave
Odessa, FL 33556
Phone: 716-462-5549

Our Company

Poor coat condition, obesity, lethargy, allergies, dry flaky skin and constant loose, runny stools were facing me. Not to mention coughs, colds and other malevolent symptoms. Some of the kitties in my troupe of 25 weren't up to snuff, and that bothered me! These animals lived in a loving, nice, warm home and were getting sick. The situation was alarming and reached the point that it was totally unacceptable. It became more incredible when premature kidney failure took two very sweet souls of mine. Nothing could be explained to me other than vets were seeing more and more of this type of failure and found it professionally unexplainable themselves. That's when I became suspicious and started reading the fine print on the back of those cans and bags with their lists of chemicals, preservatives and ingredients. That's when my curiosity led to the determination to give my kitties what they should be eating and not what was conveniently being made commercially available to the masses. I loved each and everyone one of my pets and they were worth the extra effort and time to me.
Shelby Gomas, Founder
100% complete and natural nutrition for adult cats and kittens! 100% U.S.D.A. Protein Based, Low Carbohydrate (less than 1%), Preservative Free, Vegetable Free, Fruit Free, Grain Free and Antibiotic Free was my goal in diet preparation! Now you can give your cat the gift of good health and a longer life with what your pet would eat - if they could catch it themselves - with Feline's Pride's™ all natural variety (Chicken, Turkey, Cornish Hen, Rabbit or Duck) pate. All cats are proven obligate carnivores. Our Gomas Family formula is designed to resemble what your feline would eat in the wild, the consistency of a mouse, and laboratory tested.
Our Ingredients: 100% USDA approved source meats (whole chicken, turkey, hen, rabbit, or duck) with ground bone, ground liver, ground gizzards, filtered water sufficient for processing, egg yolks, psyllium powder, taurine, salmon oil, organic glandular supplements, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E supplement. No preservatives. Antibiotic free.
If you have the time, use our economical Do-It-Yourself "Raw Made Easy" dry formula kit to mix with your own ground source meats. You can also review our assortment of grinders and accessories to help in the preparation process, or order Feline's Pride's™ Brand of pre-made frozen cat food from our World Class Clean Kitchen, as most of our longstanding and satisfied customers prefer to do.
To ensure the quality of our food and assure our customers and their furry little ones of their diet's quality, we independently send our food out for professional analysis on a regular basis. New Jersey Feed Labs & Covance Labs are New York State Agriculture and Markets preferred labs for pet food testing. Every ingredient sourced in our products is domestically produced. Our supplements are of the finest quality available. Feline's Pride™ hopes you all are as pleased with our lab results as we are.
Feline's Pride™, a division of Gomas Enterprises LLC, specializes in premium pet foods together with frozen express shipment service (costs little more than non-frozen shippers) direct to your door from our labs at 11108 Challenger Ave, Odessa, Florida. Or, you can visit one of partners in a growing number of locations. Call for more information or click on Find A Location at the bottom of our home page. Our premium frozen products are available in the U.S. and our Do-It-Yourself dry "Raw Made Easy" kits are available for global shipment.