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Feline Natural

target New Zealand, Christchurch 8042

Made in New Zealand from meats raised locally, with no wheat, rice, grains, cereals, soy or gluten. Feline Natural makes frozen and freeze dried raw diets for dogs and cats. Freeze dried products are available in retail stores around the world and online in select countries. Freeze drying produces a convenient product that has a long shelf life and offers the benefits of a raw diet without the need for freezing and thawing.

  • 6-12 Halwyn Dr
    Hei Hei
    Christchurch 8042 New Zealand
  • +64 3 342 6380


Feline Natural is produced by the raw dog food company, K9 Natural. K9 Natural provides a species appropriate food for dogs, and using the same principles, guided by nature, K9 Natural has created Feline Natural for our true carnivores. Made of meat, bone, organs and green lipped mussel in New Zealand from fresh New Zealand ingredients, Feline Natural is recognized as a complete diet by AAFCO for all ages. Feline Natural adds no vitamins, minerals or taurine as they all occur naturally.
New Zealand has incredibly strict food safety standards, as the farming industry is one of their largest export markets, so you can be sure of the quality of the food. Each batch is tested for Salmonella and E. coli 0157 by K9 Natural, then independently by NZFSA, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
Feline Natural comes in both a frozen and a freeze dried form. The .28 pound/125 gram freeze dried chicken and lamb reconstitutes to 1.1 pounds/500 grams and the .77 pound/350 gram size reconstitutes to 3.1 pounds/1.4 kilograms. Frozen Feline Natural, available in New Zealand, comes in 500 gram packages.

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Main Location: New Zealand, Christchurch

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