Raw Food Manufacturers
Raw Food Manufacturers

Alternative Nutrition LLC

United States, Arizona, Casa Grande 85122

Alternative Nutrition makes a line of pre-mixed supplements for use with boneless or with-bone raw meat grinds. Pre-measured and easy to use, with no unnecessary fillers or questionable ingredients. The pre-mixes make it easy to supplement homemade or purchased raw meats. Highly palatable to cats with no strong odors. You can get a free sample to make sure your cat will like it. They ship worldwide, with a few country exceptions.
Raw Food Manufacturers

Buddies Natural Pet Food

Canada, British Columbia, Duncan V9L 6C8

Founded in 2005, Buddies Natural Pet Food is a family-run manufacturer of a wide range of raw foods, treats and supplements for cats and dogs. Their plant is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They also have three retail locations on the island. All of their products are hormone, antibiotic, grain and gluten-free. They offer ground meat products, hearts, necks, bones and dehydrated treats from a variety of meats.
Raw Food Manufacturers

Feline Natural

New Zealand, Christchurch 8042

Made in New Zealand from meats raised locally, with no wheat, rice, grains, cereals, soy or gluten. Feline Natural makes frozen and freeze dried raw diets for dogs and cats. Freeze dried products are available in retail stores around the world and online in select countries. Freeze drying produces a convenient product that has a long shelf life and offers the benefits of a raw diet without the need for freezing and thawing.
Raw Food Manufacturers

Feline's Pride

United States, Florida, Odessa 33556

Makers of complete frozen raw meat diets in a variety of meats. Feline’s Pride does not include fillers, grains, vegetables or fruits for a truly bio-appropriate food that cats love. Also available are Raw Made Easy Kits for use with homemade raw meat diets and a new canine diet. They continuously check the integrity of their product for safety and nutritional completeness. They have local distributors and ship anywhere in the US.
Raw Food Manufacturers

Hare Today

United States, Pennsylvania, Albion 16475

Serving the needs of raw fed pets since 1999, Hare Today offers a truly wide range of raw foods including whole prey, whole meat cuts, organs, grinds, dehydrated treats, supplements and toys. Located in rural Pennsylvania, Hare Today started out as a small rabbitry and grew to become one of the best known providers of raw meats for pets. They ship nationwide and are known for high quality and good prices.
Raw Food Manufacturers

Natures Menu

United Kingdom, Norfolk, Watton IP25 6NG

Natures Menu has been producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods since 1981. Today they have a team of experts who visit their meat suppliers, select the meat cuts, make sure the products are ethically reared and where possible, they deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider. Their award winning range of complete and balanced raw meals for pets provide a convenient and simple way to feed your pet a healthy raw diet every day.
Raw Food Manufacturers

PurrForm Ltd

United Kingdom, Hertfordshire, Abbots Langley WD5 5BP

Based in Hertfordshire, England, PurrForm offers grain-free raw cat food in five rabbit and chicken flavours. Using only human-grade meats with bone and organ meats, PurrForm comes in pre-portioned 70g pouches for easy and convenient feeding. Order online or by phone for delivery to England, Wales and Scotland. They also have a Loyalty Points program that can give you discounts on future orders.
Raw Food Manufacturers

The Furry Foodie

United States, Virginia, Upperville 20185

The Furry Foodie cat diets are available in chicken, turkey and rabbit and are 100% meat, no fillers or added supplements. Chicken and turkey are handled from their own Ayrshire Farm in Virginia and are certified organic and Certified Humane®. Minimally processed to maintain nutrients. The Furry Foodie cat and dog diets are available locally in the Virginia/DC area at select pet stores or online for nationwide shipping.
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