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target United States, California, San Bernadino 92401

Founded in 2001, SoCal BARF has grown to over 450 members in the Southern California area. They have monthly distribution of quality meat, fish and poultry from 21 distribution sites. In addition, they offer seminars on animal health and diet throughout the year. They offer assistance to new or novice raw feeders through their message board, seminars and direct contact. Members need to volunteer at least once a year to maintain their membership.

  • 813 North D St Ste A
    San Bernadino, CA 92401
  • 909-889-0022


SoCal BARF is not a co-op under California law but rather is registered with the state as an unincorporated non-profit association.
Established in 2001, SoCal BARF has grown to include over 450 members from the Central Coast, to the Central Valley, to the greater Los Angeles/Orange/Ventura/San Bernardino/Riverside/San Diego County areas with 21 distribution sites. As a non-profit association SoCal BARF relies on our members to do the work that keeps us operating successfully. Each member volunteers at least once a year as a site driver, distribution worker or data entry/office worker, although most members give more than our required minimum.
With the belief that we foster and promote the health of our companion animals through a species-appropriate diet, SoCal BARF offers seminars throughout the year. This is in addition to the monthly distribution of USDA/USDC-approved meat, fish, poultry as well as ground and portioned products intended for animal consumption only. We offer an extensive variety of products to ensure a balanced, complete feeding program designed by the individual members who know the needs of their pets.
SoCal BARF functions as an online community with our shopping cart open for one week approximately two weeks before the monthly Saturday distribution. We welcome new members and offer assistance to novice raw feeders through our message board, seminars and direct contact.

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Main Location: United States, California, San Bernadino

  • Please call for the date and time of the next monthly distribution from our 21 locations.
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