The Feline Nutrition Team

The Feline Nutrition Team

Feline Nutrition believes in presenting a variety of approaches and viewpoints for you to consider as you decide what diet is right for your cat. From science-backed articles on diet and health to compelling stories of people's individual journeys on the feline diet road, the writers, veterinarians and advocates contributing to Feline Nutrition have all traveled different paths to the same idea: we need to change how our cats are being fed.
In addition to those who contribute written articles, Feline Nutrition has a diverse team of dedicated people who serve one-year renewable terms on the Feline Nutrition Advisory Board. Dedicated to improving feline health through diet, they all bring unique viewpoints and ideas to Feline Nutrition and the work we do. Many Advisors also contribute valuable articles on topics in their areas of expertise.
Margaret Gates
Founder and Director
Feline Nutrition Foundation
Margaret founded Feline Nutrition after witnessing the dramatic health benefits of a bio-appropriate diet in her own cats. She discovered that information on raw meat diets for cats was scattered and not very accessible, so she decided to do something about it. Feline Nutrition is dedicated to helping people make good choices about what to feed their furry family members, with a special focus on beginners. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and has years of experience as a graphic designer. She produces the graphical elements and videos for the Feline Nutrition website, as well as researching and writing articles.
Dr Lyn Thomson
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
Veterinarian, Owner of Raw Essentials stores
Auckland, New Zealand
Lyn trained at the University of Bristol in England and is studying with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. A dedicated and experienced advocate of bio-appropriate nutrition, Lyn practices in Auckland, New Zealand. Her Raw Essentials stores have grown to eight retail locations, providing a variety of raw diet products for cats and dogs.
Dr Elisa Katz
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
Bourbonnais, Illinois, US
Elisa is a graduate of Ohio State University and is the owner of Natural Pet Animal Hospital in Bourbonnais, Illinois. While a student, she attended a lecture in 2007, and heard first-hand how the doctor and his wife, both veterinarians, had successfully treated many cats with digestive problems by way of raw meat diets. Dr. Katz became intrigued with the "new idea" and decided to learn more. Dr. Katz practices holistic and integrative medicine focusing on proper diet and nutrition as well as using natural remedies over pharmaceuticals when possible. She strives always to educate her clients regarding the benefits of feeding biologically appropriate foods to their cats.
Dr Guillermo Diáz
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
Lima, Perú
Guillermo studied veterinary medicine at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, Perú. He currently practices in Lima and also provides veterinary services to a large number of local rescue organizations. He is a strong proponent of spay/neuter and adoption efforts in Lima and works to improve the lives of and attitudes towards strays in his city.
Dennis Gomas
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
CEO of Feline's Pride
Florida, US
Dennis runs Feline's Pride, one of the oldest and most widely respected feline raw diet producers in the US. Feline's Pride make a superior product that goes through rigorous nutritional testing and is one of the few raw diets that does not add any grain, fruit or vegetable ingredients at all. This makes it highly suitable for sensitive cats.
Neal Cropper
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
Owner of Growlies for Pets
Victoria, BC Canada
Neal is a dedicated advocate of better nutrition for pets. He has gone so far as to make his store a "kibble-free" zone. He won't sell a product he believes is not healthy to feed. A staunch advocate for feeding bio-appropriate diets, he goes to great efforts to educate his customers on the benefits of proper diets and how easy it can be to make changes that help your pet be healthy.
Tracy Murphy
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
Owner of Hare Today
Pennsylvania, US
Tracy owns the well-known, and indispensable, raw pet food company and farm called Hare Today. Hare Today offers pet parents a wide variety of raw meat products, treats, toys and supplements. She has years of experience with the many meat and prey foods that pet parents look for in feeding healthy raw diets to their cats, dogs, ferrets and reptiles.
Marta Kaspar
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
Owner of Alternative Nutrition (Alnutrin)
Casa Grande, Arizona, US
Marta holds a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic. She is a research scientist, and a formulation and analytical chemist in both industrial and academic fields. Marta became interested in feline nutrition when her cats developed health problems. When she decided to prepare their food herself, the effect of the homemade raw meat diet on her cats was so impressive that she created the line of Alnutrin® supplements to help others transition their cats to better diets.
Mimi Stein
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
The Furry Foodie
Upperville, Virginia, US
Mimi works in marketing at The Furry Foodie, a raw pet food brand operated by the Ayrshire Farm in Virginia, which is renowned for heritage breeds, sustainable practices and is a Certified Humane® farm. Mimi developed the raw food recipes for Furry Foodie and is a dedicated advocate for bio-appropriate diets.
Robin Olson
Feline Nutrition Advisory Board
CEO of Kitten Associates Rescue
Newtown, Connecticut, US
Robin A.F. Olson writes about her life rescuing and fostering cats on her multi-award winning blog Covered In Cat Hair. Kitten Associates is a non-profit 501(c)3 cat rescue based in Sandy Hook, CT. She calls Kitten Associates the NEW Breed of Cat Rescue partly because of her advocacy for raw meat diets for cats. In fact, she requires that her adopters not feed dry foods to the cats they adopt from her.
Ashley Stephen Root
Communications Director
Feline Nutrition Foundation
Ashley holds an M.A. in Communications and has spent his career plying his skills in non-profit, for-profit and trade membership associations. His own experience with unquestioning, "received knowledge" led to his examination of what and how we feed our cats. He became concerned with such issues as: the evidence of a causal relationship between common feeding practices and serious health problems; the perceived disconnect between the nutritional requirements of felis silvestris catus and all other species of cats; an industry with a vested interest in grain as the basis for its products; a veterinary education system with little nutritional teaching, subsidized by commercial pet food industries; a questionable government concept approval and oversight process; the economic inertia of maintaining the status quo; and the rejection of science-based belief systems on the extremes of both sides of the issue. As communications director for Feline Nutrition, he is tasked with messaging outreach in a moderate, reasoned and facts-based way to promote critical thinking and informed consumer decisions.
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